Thinking Out Loud Thursday #100!

Happy Thinking Out Loud Thursday! I am loving my 4-day work weeks in February… why work that extra day as I usually just mail it in anyway. 😉 Since Tuesday was my Monday it feels like this week is flying and I can’t wait for another long weekend! I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for my ONE HUNDREDTH Thinking Out Loud Thursday post!

  • Remember in elementary school when you got to celebrate “100 day” on the 100th day of school. I remember distinctly in grade 1 when we all had to bring 100 of something (buttons, marbles, candies, etc.) and then we had to try and guess what everyone brought. No one could guess what my teacher brought and she revealed she had brought a 100W lightbulb. At my ripe age of 6 I thought she was the most creative person in the world… and I invited her to my 7th birthday party.

  • I started reading Forever Interrupted the other night and had to keep reading for over two hours because it was so good. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books yet, pause your scrolling of this post, go to your library’s website, put her books on hold to pick up, then come right back here.

  • I’m obsessed with cranberry goat cheese and rain coast crisps. It’s my daily work lunch and seriously so good. I used to make fun of my mom for liking blueberry goat cheese because I thought it looked repulsive but once again my mom was right… ugh, I hate admitting that.

  • Yesterday one of my regular spin participants said that I taught the hardest spin class yet. It was one of my 90 minute classes and we didn’t take ANY extended breaks over 30 seconds so it was a tough one. My favourite drill was an 8-minute interval workout right smack in the middle of class. I love love love teaching spin class and in a sick way, it made me happy that I was able to challenge the folks I see weekly at a new level.

  • On the weekend I brought Kicking Horse coffee to our hotel room to make coffee in the morning and I picked Three Sisters medium roast. I thought I was the most creative person in the world because we were staying in Canmore. James didn’t laugh as hard as I was laughing at myself.

  • My aunt gave me some apple-pears to try, like a cross breed of pears and apples and they are SO WEIRD. They have the shape of the apple, the colour of pears, and it’s hard to pick whether they taste more like pears or apples. They’re pretty delicious but it kind of tastes like you’re eating a bad apple or a bad pear… my taste buds are so confused.

  • I have hardly run at all this month! It’s been a really slow workout month for me, as I went away for over four days and have had a cold for about a week now. Workouts have taken a back seat but I’m hoping that turns around this weekend as I start to kick this cold, get more sleep, and get to enjoy a “down time” weekend at home.

I hope you get to enjoy some warm weather wherever you are. The sidewalks were DRY on my walks to work this weekend and it was freaky! I am used to bundling up and walking on ice but it’s been a treat this week! I hope we get a little more snow this winter because it’s going to be a super dry summer without that spring melt, but I’m content getting to run in above zero conditions this weekend!

Have you tried apple-pears? Do you like them?

What was your best workout this week?

What food combo are you loving lately?


  1. Taylor Jenkins Reid is a great storyteller. I’ve seen a lot of books such as Maybe in Another Life, After I do, One true love…. Both storylines are equally good but the ending bothered me a bit. Lots to think about/discuss in this book: friendship, family, love, choices, and fate. Will read more from this author.

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