Thinking Out Loud Thursday #98!

I just did an embarrassing search of every corner of my apartment looking for my phone, picturing it sitting on a table in the high security federal government building I had a workshop in all day and fearing that I would be late to spin class without music. I went to go change my clothes so I could drive to the building and retrace my steps…Β and it fell out of my back pocket. Doesn’t life humble us sometimes? Let’s join Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

  • YOU GUYS. BEYONCE IS PREGNANT. Hahaha, we were in a pretty serious workshop around Indigenous reconciliation and engagement yesterday when I heard a coworker gasp and relay this information to our table. Did anyone else think her pregnancy reveal photo was really weird and floral?

  • I’m giving my Valentines date these new ProCompression socks for Valentines Day. My date is me, and I know I appreciate it. πŸ˜‰ How gorgeous are these… I’m 90% sure ProCompression made me an ambassador so that I would get these in my inbox and immediately order them. Yeah, just take my money. You can get 40% off with the code V17!

  • I convinced one of my super strong friends to send me some of her training plans. She has been seeing a personal trainer for years now and has so many great plans that instead of trying to come up with my own for my February goals, I think I’ll try to resource other people. I love strength training but I love it more when I don’t have to be creative and develop my own workouts!

  • I’m really behind the times but I’m starting to appreciate the ombre look for hair. I am in need of a hair cut and kind of want to do something different, and I’ve never dyed my hair, so I am getting excited about possibilities. I think the ombre thing is kind of over but every time I see it done well I want to try it. I like the brown-grey look right now.

  • Speaking of ombre, I need want these leggings. I have a pair of wunder unders that were my first Lulu item EVER (like 6 years ago) and they have survived this long but I think they’re ready to kick the can. They’re probably been ready for a while but I love them so much and can’t seem to get rid of them. I think an addition of these to my closet would help the grieving process.

  • I like to think I am a strong independent woman. One of my car’s taillight’s was burnt out and I went out, bought the light, watched a Youtube video on how exactly to change my taillight, got the tools and everything I needed, went down to my parkade, set myself up for success… and then couldn’t even get the screws unscrewed because they were so tight. I called my dad.

  • Last night after spin class I was leaving the gym, stopped at a red light, and in deep thought about my plan to pick up light bulbs from Safeway on my way home. The light turned green and I heard someone honk and then wave at me from a truck beside me… it was HOT GYM GUY. And just like that I have a ridiculous and inappropriate crush on him all over again.

I must have looked so lovely, all sweaty and eyes glazed over in thought about light bulbs… it’s no wonder he didn’t leave his wife and abandon his family to run away with me after all of those mornings at the gym together. Rude. I am not super into the book “Natural Born Heroes” so I end up scrolling on my phone in bed and it’s drastically affected how long it takes me to fall asleep. Another February goal is to NOT scroll on my phone in bed!

Do you have a strength training plan or workouts you do?

When did you purchase your first workout clothing? What was it?

What is the weirdest hair trend you tried?


  1. I had rose gold hair in the fall! took a hell of a lot of bleach. It looked so great but I constantly had to put in a demi-permanent pink into it and that got old fast. I am shooting for that ashy grey/brown colour you posted above, I find I feel my mane looks the best when I have ashier tones in my hair.

  2. Your hair is so gorgeous the way it is, but I totally understand the want for change. And no, I don’t think ombrΓ©/balayage will ever go out of style! It better not! It’s a moms hairdo dream! Lol.

    1. Hahaha, truth! It looks so great on most people… I’m just scared I’m one of the people it does not look great on. πŸ˜›

  3. Haha I love that you call him “hot gym guy”, I do that all the time to people never to their face though. I ususally get my workout gear from Target or Old Navy, not sure if those exist in Canada. I ususally get my workouts from They have a lot of great plans, I’ve started picking and choosing exercises from different plans. I ususally pick the exercises I like the most or the one I feel work the best.

    1. My nicknames for people at the gym are great. πŸ˜› I’ve had some surprisingly great workout clothes from Old Navy. The first time I bought tights there they fell apart almost instantly, but I think they’ve drastically improved their active line. Thanks Sean, I’ve tried a few new moves from, I should probably try a whole workout!

    1. I think so too actually, I like the look of grey but think light caramel would look cuter, but people can’t really decide sometimes what looks great on them. πŸ™‚

  4. I tried putting rose gold over my grown-out blond highlights but left my ginger roots — that was a mistake. If I do it again, I’ll highlight my entire head blond first. The pink also took a few washes to get to the subtler colour I actually wanted, which then didn’t last long because fake red doesn’t ever last long :(.

    1. My mom has to dye her hair and then obsessively use purple shampoo to get the right colour… seems like a lot of money and time sometimes. πŸ˜› Happy Thursday Katie!

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