Rumble Boxing Studio: Review!

Oh boy you guys. If we had one of these Rumble Boxing Studios in Edmonton, I think I’d be broke. I am hooked (pun intended) on boxing. Luckily I know someone with a punching bag in her basement and I have my own wraps and gloves so I can make-shift get into boxing, but these class at Rumble was unreal.

Let’s back up. This weekend in Calgary, the #ABblogsquad tried out Rumble Boxing Studio on 17th Ave SW. It is a niche fitness studio, offering boxing group fitness and some one-on-one or two-on-one personal boxing sessions. I have never really tried boxing before, but have always found it intriguing. It’s a workout for your arms, legs, core, pretty much every part of your body and it takes some serious fitness level to get good. We had a private class Saturday afternoon with our motivator, Kealan. We all wrapped up and grabbed some (complimentary for the class) gloves and headed in.

Everyone has their own bag. I can’t really picture being in the back of a full class and getting a good view of the instructor, but with 8 of us, we had perfect instruction! We began with a warm up and some quick lessons on the variety of punches. We got used to the movements, began to add more power from our legs and hips, and each track we did that followed, was kind of like a HIIT workout where we would go faster and slower based on the beat. All songs had their own sequences, and one was even a leg track with squats and some lunges.

(Jo, Jen, Ange, Alison, me, Brie, and Kaella)

IT WAS SO FUN. Kealan was able to correct our punches and came around to each bag and punched it on the other side and made us work harder and harder. I was sweating so hard, luckily it was dark in there. The coloured lights made for a super cool atmosphere and she played two songs by A Tribe Called Red which made so very happy.

It was tricky to find the sequences sometimes because if you start thinking about it took much, it makes it harder. You kind of just have to let your mind go and let your body do it. My arms were burning by the end – and this was a 45 minute class! We stuck around to grab a few photos before watching Ewan McGregor do some two-on-one training with his Fargo co-star Mary Winstead. There was a little old Asian lady that was trying to pretend to be with our blogger group while she snapped creeper stalker photos of Ewan. It was cute.

I would totally want to add this type of training to my workout routine because it’s so different for me. It is unique and really gets you to work all parts of your body. If you think that only your arms need to be strong, you will be saddened to hear that your punch is as hard as the speed with which you turn your hips. It was awesome to feel every part of your body go into the punch. Plus, if you have ANY aggression whatsoever, I highly recommend this class.

All in all, it was a blast. The studio in Calgary does a ton of classes every day. Prices are similar to any fitness boutique studio, whether it’s spin or barre or yoga. I typical $20 drop-in fee with reduced price for multi-passes and monthly passes. Even if you only go once a month, I highly recommend this class. I am almost wanting to spend my birthday weekend in Calgary just to go back! Thanks Rumble Boxing Studio for hosting us!

Have you ever tried boxing before?

Do you hit up any boutique fitness studios as part of your fitness routine?


    1. You don’t even need to feel “strong enough” because I can tell you, YOU ARE. It’s a full body workout, and as someone with strong legs but a weak upper body, I was worried about being strong enough too. You just go as hard as you can, using almost every single body part! πŸ™‚

  1. Such a fun class! And I totally think the DJ nights would be a blast! I wish it was a little closer to home so I could pop in for a quick box!! Oh and I would be so lost if I couldn’t see her!!
    So fun to see you again! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh me too – even in some of the sequences, I was getting slightly lost – I couldn’t imagine not being able to see what we were suppose to be doing!

  2. I can’t wait to head back! I agree, it would be hard to be in the back and see what’s happening but maybe once you’ve been going for awhile you would be able to recognize the calls for the moves. I definitely wish we had one of these in Lethbridge! I’m going to try and make it for your birthday weekend!!

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