Thinking Out Loud Thursday #103!

Happy Thursday! One day closer to the weekend! I just received a confirmation email for a massage this weekend that I forgot I had so I am STOKED! As always (well, you know, for at least 103 weeks) I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

  • I have been listening to “The Motto” by Drake on repeat for a week now. I had in it in my Monday spin class because I just needed to keep listening to it and even all day at work, I’m replaying it. I don’t know why… just obsessed.

  • In case I didn’t gush enough about the Chinook SportChek Womens store, I forgot to mention one of the things I liked the MOST about the store – their mannequins! I noticed while I was wandering the store that their mannequins were all different sizes! It was refreshing, real, and just added to how amazing the store is.

  • Speaking of an awesome women’s initiative, I made sure to celebrate International Women’s Day yesterday with an all-female spin class playlist. It wasn’t hard, because there are so many talented ladies in my current song rotation, but it was really fun to workout to an all-women playlist!

  • Are you f*%$ing serious, Facebook?

  • After spin class I always want something light to eat so I can refuel but it won’t be heavy in my stomach when I go to bed. Lately that selection has been rice cakes with peanut butter and fruit. Blackberries and blueberries are fairly pricey during the winter in Canada, but these blackberries were worth every cent… or, uh, dollar. I’d rather spend money on fruit and good food rather than really anything else though!

  • Yesterday, for International Women’s Day, my colleague and I went to the Famous 5 Speaker Series. Dr. Marie Wilson was speaking at the Fairmont MacDonald at a lunch event and it was so inspiring. As you may or may not know, Dr. Wilson is one of three Commissioners for the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada and so she not only spoke of the important work of the Famous 5 in Canada, but how much is left to for Indigenous women and children. It was a wonderful event and I think everyone left feeling inspired and motivated.

Image result for famous 5 foundation

  • I had the most hope-renewing run on Tuesday night. I have been in a running rut, where even on the rare days I feel motivated to run I end up having a sluggish and short run. I think it might have been my new shoes because I felt like I was running on clouds and ran 5.2 miles with 10 X 60-s intervals at 7:47min/mile… which is fast for me right now. I played around with my speed super often and I find that I’m able to run faster and harder when I just push myself and change speeds often, instead of settling into a slower run. The Adidas Ultra Boost feel like socks, but in a supportive way, ha!

Image result for happy run gif

That’s it for me, I’m hoping to get in another awesome run tonight and let this momentum continue. When it’s -30C and you’re running on a treadmill, both helping you stay sane and making you insane, each run is a struggle! I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

What is your favourite night snack?

What song is stuck in your head?

What do you have planned for the weekend?!


  1. Honestly, I’ve never eaten a late night snack..ever. If I were to, though, it would be crunchy peanut butter on gummy white bread, strawberry jam and olive oil mayonnaise.
    I can’t stop listening to “Freal Luv”

  2. I love that #GirlPower playlist! Yesterday I had “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten stuck in my head. It’s one of the theme songs that I listen to when I need a “you are stronger than this moment” reminder 😉

  3. I like rice cakes as a bedtime snack too when I’m in the mood for something carby. Or sweet potato + nut butter. They’re nice and light and don’t feel too heavy in my tum. I either top them with nut butter or if I’m feeling extra fancy, I mix collagen with vanilla coconut milk yogurt, spread it on, then add whatever fresh fruit I have on hand and drizzles of PB/AB.

  4. Happy International Women’s Day!! Even it is a bit late ^^ That sounds like you had a good day. I just stayed at home and did nothing. So sad. I will follow your schedule next ^^

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