Weekend in Calgary with the #ABblogsquad.

Happy Monday! I had a pretty eventful weekend in Calgary with wonderful blog ladies which means that I’m exhausted, sore, and feeling inspired from all the fitness events we had! I really wish I had another day to get my life back in order before work this morning but I admit I love these weeks of pure on-the-go and road tripping! Let’s jump in to the recap of (almost) everything I did this weekend!

Friday. On Fridays I try to workout before work because I’m either making plans with friends after or just want an evening to relax, but my 4:45am alarm came and went and left me with an evening workout to do! I actually came home, relaxed a bit, had dinner, and did some laundry before heading to the gym. I wanted to go after the post-work madness and crowds so I was there around 7:30pm. I did 60 minutes of legs and then 30 minutes of intervals (2 minutes on; 2 minutes off) on the stairmaster. It was SUCH a killer workout, I was exhausted and fell asleep very soon after I got home!

Saturday. I hit the road just before 6am to Calgary, partially through a blizzard (sorry mom) and made my way to Chinook Centre. The new Sportchek Womens store, the first womens only SportChek in Canada, was having its grand opening celebrations this weekend and I was lucky enough to score a couple of fitness classes during it! They were hosting a variety of classes – yep, in the middle of the mall – and I was headed first to a boxing class with TSN’s Kate Beirness and boxing champion Mandy Bujold.

The class was so fun and we began with about 20 minutes of footwork for boxing, which really set us up well to begin doing punches and a bit of glove and pad work with partners. I was at the class solo, so I made a friend, and then punched her. 😉 The class flew by and had me sweaty and excited to meet up with the blog squad for an afternoon boxing class at Rumble Boxing Studio. I’m actually going to leave my chat about the Rumble class until tomorrow because I have a lot to say about it (spoiler alert: I NEED one of these studios in Edmonton).

After the Rumble class, I went to my aunt’s house to have some lunch, shower, and change for dinner out with the girls. As I mentioned last week, we were having a birthday/going-away party for Jen. We met at Greek Kitchen, just south of downtown Calgary and I absolutely loved the restaurant. It was super cute, really light and open, and I want to try making some of the gorgeous mason jar/beach wood light fixtures they had. The food was great too – I had vegetarian giouvetsi and it was delicious! We spent the evening chatting and eating before all heading out around 9.

(Jo, Leigh, Ashley, Laura, Ange, Kaella, Brie, me, Becky, and Jen)

Sunday. I was in such a deep sleep when I woke up Sunday morning at my aunt’s, it took me a while to figure out where I was. Jo and I had plans to meet up for the morning Adidas SportChek Womens class at Chinook so after breakfast I packed up and headed back for another mall workout class. We met up, then checked into the class where we were greeted with SO MUCH swag, it was amazing! Adidas hooked us up with a gym bag, shirt, hoodie, sports bra, and running tights. Plus, for the first few women in line, they gave away free Adidas shoes – and we both were lucky enough to receive some! We were ready to tackle a workout with Kirsty Dunne!

The class was super good – especially when we’re working out in the middle of a mall with a mat and a resistance band! Kirsty put us though a bit of metabolic training where we worked a lot with some HIIT intervals and sis resistance training with the band. We did some core work as well, but it was all incorporated into higher intensity moves. I really enjoyed the class and actually had quite the sweat going. Jo and I have to workout together more because we’re the only people that get how easy it is to become ridiculously sweaty. “I really like working out with you, because you get just as sweaty as me,” she says when we finish class.

I browsed the gorgeous and tempting Sportchek womens store again before I left, but after receiving so much great workout gear with the fitness classes, I didn’t really see anything I needed to have, and also have been trying to reign in my expenses, so I left empty handed! My credit card will be proud of me. I grabbed an Americano for the road and drove home to Edmonton around 1pm.

What a weekend! I love trying new things and it’s even better when I get to workout with great people! I’m so excited to chat about Rumble Boxing Studio tomorrow because I had so much fun there! Stay tuned…

What did you get up to this weekend?

Do you have any fitness celebs you’s want to meet?

What is the latest “new-to-you” fitness trend you’ve tried?


  1. So cool that you got the shoes too! I am so tempted to get a pair, but I really don’t need them right now.
    Thank you so much for coming down. I was so happy I got a chance to see you one more time.

  2. What an awesome weekend you had! So fun to box with you, too bad we never really get to chat! Next time!! Have a great week.

  3. I’m so sore today! That HIIT class after barre was deadly. Plus, whoever said you don’t sweat in barre lies. I was DRIPPING! I’m so happy we got to spend some time together! I’m in for a brewery tour!

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