Weekend Recap: Photoshoot and workouts.

DOUBLE DIGITS. That’s how high our temps reached this weekend here in Edmonton for the first time in months. It’s so funny trying to describe Edmonton winters sometimes, “It dips below zero degrees Celsius… and then stays there for about 5 months.” I’m super excited for spring, as there is such an air of freshness about it. I had a wonderful weekend and because of a little sibling photoshoot and some adventuring with friends yesterday I was able to enjoy the outdoors a lot!

I grabbed this photo on my Instagram story, but it kind of reminded me of having heart shaped stickers as a young girl and just wanting to put them on everything. I was obsessed with colouring and crafts and stickers and my mom was the best pre-Pinterest Pinterest mom so we did a lot of them. Instagram emoticons are like the adulting version of childhood sticker obsessions.

On Saturday I had SUCH a fun day. My brother came to visit me (after saying, “if I have to parallel park at your apartment I’m turning around and going home”, ha) and he has a beautiful new camera (a Canon 80D if anyone was interested) so we grabbed some change of clothes, hats and props, and went to adventure around Edmonton taking photographs. We laughed so hard the entire afternoon, it was wonderful. I don’t see him as often obviously now that we don’t live together so I forget how great it is to hang out with him!

Once we finished up about three hours of shooting, we stopped in a District cafe for a caffeine fix and a bit of photo editing. We didn’t get a ton done due to spotty wifi and some technical problems, but I enjoyed a late lunch of two poached eggs, fruit salad, and a flat white while he sipped on iced coffee. District is one of the most sunlight, delicious, and hipster-but-not-pretentious cafes I have found!

We spent a bit more time together back at my place trying to figure out AirDrop on my computer and then we parted ways. We have a few projects in the works so the photography wasn’t all fun and games, but it was still outrageously fun. I think we did well and got some great shots! Sunday was all about errands and River Valley adventures. One of my friends is in town from BC visiting her sister so we all headed out in the nice weather for some fresh air, catching up, and exploring!

My weekend also contained exercise! I actually took two days off in a row last week – GASP! After teaching for two hours on Wednesday, I took Thursday off to rest my legs. Friday was a busy day and after work I met some friends for drinks and before I knew it, I was headed home later in the evening without having done a workout for the day. I felt guilty about it for a bit but realized that I probably needed it anyway and life would go on with a missed workout. Ha. How dramatic. Anyway, I thought I’d share my workouts this weekend:

Saturday: 5 miles + abs!

Sunday: Leg and back workout with friends! PLUS an encounter with Hot Gym Guy at the gym in which I crushed hard on him all over again.

I absolutely love workouts with friends on the weekend because we always have a lot more time to get a solid workout in and really focus on working hard and putting in the time to get our strength workout done right. We take breaks to catch our breath and I’m noticing some serious improvements in my lifting when I take the time to get it correct. I think I’m ready for 135lb RDLs next weekend which makes me so happy! I hope you had an equally productive and great weekend!

Tell me one thing that made you so happy this weekend?

What is your favourite spring time activity?

Do you have siblings? Do you get along?


  1. I like walking in the park in spring because I can some see cute baby squirrels. I’m happy that you had a good weekend. It sounds that you had fun to hang out with your brother. I’m really jealous with you. My sister and me are too different to be close.

  2. You two are the ultimate sibling goals. I’m curious to hear about this project you’re working on together!!!
    I have a sister, but we’re not close at all. We’re SO different and always have been. My fav springtime activity is going for long walks and enjoying all the fresh foliage popping up everywhere. Longer daylight hours make me so happy!!

    1. I seriously almost peed myself so many times when we were hanging out. The daylight is so wonderful – I walked home at 8pm one night and it was STILL light! Finally!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. It’s always fun hanging out with siblings. My favorite spring time activity is evening walks and hikes.

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