What is making me laugh this week?

This week, unlike last week, is FLYING by. I literally had 7 back-to-back hours of meetings yesterday which made my workday fly by. I am also in a ridiculously happy mood now that I don’t have to wear 17 layers and it is sunny and warm now! It was 13C when I walked home from work yesterday and I was almost skipping with delight. Picture Disney princess skipping with small animals coming out of the woods to join in. It was THAT happy of a scene.

You’ve probably seen this video floating around the internet but if you haven’t watched it DO IT NOW. Ken Jeong is so hilarious and his response to these tweets is amazing. *tweet: how do I know if I have the stomach flu or a hangover* “Um, KELLY. Did you DRINK last night?” Hahaha.

My mom and I were texting one night and she was telling me about her evening. She asked how mine was I replied with, “I’m eating popcorn in my underwear, so it’s pretty perfect.” I feel like I’ve reached a place in living along where I’m like, “Eff it, I do what I want.” When people come to visit I’m afraid I’ll forget normal social behaviour in my own home.

One of the reasons I was chillin in my underwear, beside the fact that it’s the comfiest you can ever be and I’m in love with these and like hanging out in them, was that I was waiting for self-tanning lotion to dry. It’s that time of year again where I blind the world with my Canadian winter skin that has just come out of hibernation. I have tried self-tanner before and I made the rookie mistake of not washing my hands as well as I should have and I ended up with yellow stains in between my fingers that made me look like I was a pack-a-day smoker for 40 years. I am trying to be better at it this time around and so far I’m only a little streaky.

Fun times. At least I didn’t pull a Ross. “I’M AN 8!

I watched Passengers a few weeks ago. Most for Chris Pratt not going to lie. I love the chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt so it was actually a really good movie. This series of videos is super funny. I think the Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal one is better but these two are just so cute and hilarious.

This has also been floating around the interweb a bit and I think it’s the best. This girl is my spirit animal, especially in yoga class. I feel like I could have easily done this when I tried hot yin yoga a while back. I have mastered corpse pose and am genuinely upset when we are told to start moving and get up off our mats.

If you haven’t read Becky’s post called, I QuitTinder aka What Not to Put on Your Tinder Profile, you have to check it out. I laughed so hard at it because I agreed with every. single. thing. Oh, in case my mother is reading this – by the way, I joined Tinder and Bumble mom. I was pretty curious about it because my attempt to find a real life meet cute connection was not panning out (read: I’m impatient) so I downloaded it when I was with a few of my girlfriends. Becky’s post is so true, “so all of your photos are group photos… do I get to date all of you?” “Your photo with a tiger is not original… neither is that one hike you did.”

There are just so many things that made me smile and laugh this week… I also have realized how much time I have wasted on YouTube this week. I swear when YouTube introduced autoplay it really just made it easier to get sucked in to watching way too many videos. I hope you’re having a wonderful week… TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY.

Tell me something that made YOU laugh this week!


  1. I SHOULD use self tanner but also I shouldn’t because I’m terrible at applying it. Although I have a bronzing lotion from Lush that is pretty good and it smells like chocolate so you really can’t go wrong there.

    Thanks for linking to my post. Glad you liked it. One day if we ever get together (like, come have a sleepover at my place!) we’ll throw Tinder up on the AppleTV and laugh about all the terrible profiles together because it’s the best thing to do with your girlfriends haha.

  2. I deeply admire your bravery for using self tanner. Which one do you use? Like you, I’ve been the victim of orange self tanners and weird hands afterwards and I’ve been too afraid to try again.

    1. Not going to lie, I went for a run yesterday and some droplets of sweat were orange/brown. LOL. I am using a spray one this time and it works SO MUCH better.

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