Friday Favourites: April.

Happy Friday! I don’t know what it is about this week, but it has been so full and exhausting. In a good way, as so many positive things have happened this week, but still, exhausting. I have had a super busy week at work (a transition to another area but still doing the job from my old area… so it feels like I’ve been doing two jobs ha!) and then evening plans every day, so by the time I crawl into bed I literally read 5 pages of my latest book and then crash. I’ve been having what I can only describe as “heavy sleep” where I crash hard, my body feels like it’s just dead, and I wake up feeling like I need a nap after sleeping so hard. Does that make sense? I thought I’d share some of the things I’m loving right now in a Friday Favourites post!

  • I finally replaced my FIRST pair of wunder unders from Lululemon. I actually think this was my first Lululemon purchase. I bought black wunder unders when they first became slightly popular over 7 years ago and they’ve finally worn enough that they can’t even be house-tights anymore. I’m blown away by how long they’ve lasted, especially because some of the crops and pants I’ve bought in recent years from Lulu haven’t even lasted a year without wearing down. I’m loving my new ones though and I hope they last even half that long!

  • Spring shoe shopping! My mom and I wandered through at least a dozen shoe stores last weekend looking for spring shoes and we both actually fell in love with Converse. I have never owned a pair of Converse before so I picked up some bright red ones while my mom found the Converse too wide and picked up white Vans. I absolutely adore boots season but I’m kind of over it now and looking forward to rocking my new spring shoes!

  • I’m not super picky when it comes to skin care products, and often switch up make-up remover every time I buy it because I just grab the first one I see, but I don’t know if that will hold true anymore. I’ve discovered the Burt’s Bees grapefruit make-up remover wipes (after using the Neutrogena grapefruit wipes for a month or two) and adore them. They smell truly like grapefruit and leave your skin feeling so smooth and refreshed. I have slightly oily skin so these work like a charm for me.

  • Adding cream to my coffee. I’m a black coffee drinker so it’s still super weird to me to add cream but guess what – it’s delicious! It’s strange though because I drink my first cup of the day black and it’s only if I have a second cup that I add cream to it.

  • THIS MASCARA. I’m a drug store mascara user and I am loving this Revlon Ultra Volume mascara. It’s hard to find a mascara that makes your lashes look longer AND more voluminous but this one totally does it. Plus, it’s less than $10!

Image result for revlon ultra volume mascara

  • I’m into more thriller or suspense novels lately, with my latest read being “The Couple Next Door” by Shari Lapina. I couldn’t stop reading it and I took it on my weekend trip to Calgary with my mom and when we turned in early I picked up my book for a couple of hours to finish it. Every chapter there was a twist and I was constantly exclaiming “OH MY GOD, WTF!” as I read.

Those are some of the things I’ve been loving lately. I hope you are having a wonderful week and have some super fun plans this weekend! I have two yoga classes booked this weekend – one of which includes beer (OMFG I know right), so I’m pretty excited about that!

What are you up to this weekend?

What are two of YOUR Friday Favourites?


  1. I am so trying that mascara, I find it hard to find my favorite that isn’t $30. Thanks! I am on the hunt for some cute converse to replace my old ones! I swear the old lulus last forever, I still have my first pair from 12 years ago!! ha I’m old.

  2. Thanks for sharing. “The Couple Next Door” sounds interesting. I’m really looking forward to checking it out. I also like Converse, especially Converse High.

  3. I couldn’t put that book down either! I had such terrible anxiety when I wasn’t reading it because I wanted to continue on with the story.
    I used to have a pair of black Converse’s way back when. I want another pair – but a high top version!!

    LIFE HACK: buy a big thing of Honest baby wipes (they’re like $8) and then put a bunch into a little ziploc bag with some essential oils and a little water. (If you go through wipes super fast like I do.. because #sweaty)

  4. I love my leopard print Converse sneaks and want to get a pair of black ones. I like Vans too. I want to find a cute pair of dressy sandals this summer though. Because apparently I can’t wear sneakers to work. Lame.

    Isn’t The Couple Next Door INTENSE?! I read it in like a day because I just had to know what was going to happen.

    1. YES! I was like, “okay, I think I know what’s happening” and every time I would think that there would be a twist!!

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