Goal So Hard: May! Trying New Things.

Happy Friday everyone! I was suppose to have the day off today but decided to go into work as there was so much I felt I needed to wrap up before the weekend. I am instead taking Monday off so cheers to a three-day weekend! I had a meeting out of town yesterday for work which meant a very long day of driving and sitting. It was probably for the best though because Thursday has become my usual rest day and it worked out that I was less than active. I teach a 90-minute spin class on Wednesday nights, which usually leaves my legs with that achy, tired, sore feeling and I know I need a rest. CAN YOU BELIEVE APRIL IS OVER?


APRIL RECAP: At the start of April I made it my goal to complete the 30-day squat challenge. The idea is to do a billion squats almost every day for 30 days, starting with 50, and ending with 250. I hardly missed a day with this one and most days I was doing these squats with weights at the gym, or at home without weight before bed. I’ve put a lot of thought into what type of strength workouts I want to be doing as it often felt like I was going between this challenge with light weights and high reps and heavy weight and low reps. I’m loving heavy lifting right now, so sometimes the squat challenge felt a bit tedious, but I can guarantee you’ll get a good burn!

Time to set some May goals! I have felt in a bit of a rut lately. I have freshened up my home and organized my life a bit (getting back into using my daily planner more, being a bit more organized, and more), really enjoying making the space I live feel homey, but I need to fresh up the rest of my life – both fitness and social – now too!

The challenge for me this month is to try new things. I’ve made a “bucket list” for the month so I can set myself up with new ideas and things I can try that are new-to-me, like cool workout classes. I am hoping to recruit friends and family (you’ve been warned) to try some of these new things with me! I am struggling with trying to get workouts in, especially running, and balance that with a social life. Social life in my 20s means “lets grab a drink” so it’s tough to be active when being social means spending hours sitting in a bar with beer. Don’t get me wrong, I love the nights that you laugh so hard your face hurts and you can just enjoy spending time with friends, but I definitely love a good old friend day-date. I love fitness dates, lunches, coffee, and running buddies slightly more than bars, clubs, pubs, and concerts.

I’ve spent a while thinking about trying some of these, which means it’s probably due time I actually get my butt out there and do it. Take, for example, my goal to attend a November Project workout. I have been saying this for MONTHS, quite possibly over a year now, and it’s time I try it. There is a bit of anxiety that I have with trying some of these, because they seem a bit like impenetrable fitness tribes, but I hope to bring along a friend and join the fun.

Feel free to copy my list and made it unique to YOU! Do things you’ve been meaning to try! I walk by fitness studios and think, “I should try this,” but never really make it a priority. I could very easily say I don’t have time, but realistically, I’m just not making time. As I was organizing my life lately, I stumbled upon my FAVE recipe book, Thug Kitchen, and thought about how many recipes I haven’t tried from that book! I’m super excited about this challenge, especially because in my mind, fitness is suppose to be FUN and I’m really stoked to try things that could possibly combine those two… fitness and fun!

What was the best part about April for you?

Do you have any goals for May?

What is one “new” thing you’ve tried recently?