Happy Almost Earth Day!

I remember celebrating Earth Day in elementary school, how we would take one day a year to talk about planting trees and appreciating and respecting our planet. Based on the current environmental state of Earth I think we should have made all 365 days of the year Earth Day. I thought I would dip back to elementary school and chat a bit about how I’m celebrating Earth Day! There are actually a few things I’ve been working on and trying lately that have a bit of an environmental lens so now is the perfect time to share them! Happy Earth Day (almost)!


“So, would you go soil shopping with me?” I asked my garden-savy colleague the other week. She is a plant loving, green thumb wielding, experienced gardener and I am looking to any and all advice to help me start my first garden. I literally got overwhelmed looking at soil options at Home Depot. My dad and I built a garden box for my apartment balcony so I could try and grow some produce this year and I’m super excited. I am lucky to live in a city that appreciates urban green spaces and has the biggest urban parkland in North America, so I feel I can do my part to make my balcony its own green space and grow food and flowers.


I get a bit of a mixed reaction when I talk about the environmental reasons why I don’t eat meat, but it’s only a small fraction of the reason why I’ve been vegetarian for over three years. It’s an interesting phenomenon to not eat beef in the land that literally prides itself on it’s beef (Alberta), but I personally think that even a decrease in consumption can expand the vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and fruits that you cook with and reduce the impact your food choices have on the environment. I think there is a balance to be struck. 🙂


It’s actually pretty wonderful how much money I save on gas, not to mention how much I have reduced my fossil fuel consumption, by being able to walk to work every day. You might remember my walks to work last year, when I worked part-time going to school, that were an hour long each way, and actually started as a way for me to get some extra steps and exercise. Now I have a brisk 32 minute walk to work and it’s wonderful. I love active transportation and definitely advocate for trying to use it as much as you can. Even if it’s a quick trip to the super market a few miles away, ask yourself if you can cycle there instead!


Along similar lines, I’m actually working on selling my current vehicle in order to buy a hybrid car. I thought I would wait for the day, likely in a couple years, where cars like Tesla, Nissan Leaf, etc were a bit more budget friendly, but I think in the interim I would like to be driving a more environmentally friendly car. In circumstances where I’m not able to use active human-powered transportation or public transportation, I would like to have the next best technologically available option.


I go back and forth between being like, “Yeaaah, probably don’t want this on the internet,” and thinking, “Who cares, this is a female human function, it should be talked about openly,” but PERIODS. I have recently transitioned to using the Diva Cup (a menstrual cup) during my period. The cup is actually THE BEST, saves you money, and is way better for the environment. It’s super easy and I totally wish I had made the switch sooner.

On that note, as my male audience swiftly hits the ‘close’ button on this post, I just thought I’d mention how much I LOVE Canada’s theme this year for Earth Day… Earth PLAY for Earth Day. The campaign is promoting outdoor activity!

“Because kids who don’t get outside, who aren’t stimulated by their environment, won’t grow up with any motivation to protect our planet. And kids who don’t connect to their inner nature through creative play won’t be as resilient as generations before them.”

My friend and I went for coffee just the other day and he was telling me about how him and his family just bought a house in the River Valley with a huge yard and he’s so happy that his kids are going to be able to grow up outside like he did. I was so excited for this because I too grew up with big yards, in small towns surrounded by forest and mountains and oceans and lakes and I think that is one of the foundational reasons I’ve grown up to love and appreciate the environment so much. Let’s bring back the thoughtfulness we gave Earth Day in grade 2 when we planted trees and talked about ecosystems, and let’s do it 365 days a year!

In case you’re interested, HERE are 41 other ways to be eco-friendly and ways that you can celebrate Earth Day tomorrow!

Do you have any awesome daily habits that are environmentally friendly?

What is your favourite outdoor childhood memory?


  1. Diva Cup LYYYYYFE!! I’ve used one for two years and will never go back it’s amazing in so many ways. I love when people spread the word!

  2. YEEEES Diva Cup! Isn’t it awesome? I made the switch a couple years ago and was like, “why was I so resistant to this? WHY ISN’T THIS THE NORM? Why do tampons and pads even exist?!”

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