Weekend Recap: Nothing and everything.

Hi gang! What’s happening?! This weekend I listened to SO MUCH 90s and early 00s music and I still know all of the words. Isn’t that crazy? My brain refused to remember information for years of University exams and I can barely remember what I ate for dinner last night but I can remember the words to every single Backstreet Boys song. I was cleaning my bathroom and singing BSB as loud as I could and I was like, “it’s been years… why do I still know this?” I also listened to Harry Styles’ new single, which if you haven’t heard it yet, go listen to it, it’s really incredible. As I was sitting down last night to recap my weekend I feel like I had a very “nothing” weekend but I also am completely exhausted from doing everything.

I didn’t have many plans this weekend, but somehow ended up filling every piece of my two days off with chores, activities, and cleaning. I have been in a very spring-cleaning mood this week and I think every room in my apartment has been organized, reorganization, cleaned, and updated. I absolutely adore my apartment and it’s always felt cozy but this spring I have felt the urge to make it better, cozier, and more fresh. Think plants, candles, fairy lights, and fresh flowers. When some of my Amazon and IKEA orders arrive I’ll possibly finally get around to an apartment tour post!


After a Friday evening spent organizing my office space, labelling and organizing my filing cabinet (hm, 24 has aged me), and doing laundry, I woke up early Saturday morning, ate breakfast and drove to my parents’ to join my brother for a workout. He was dog-sitting at my friend’s house who has a heavy bag and we decided to do a HIIT boxing workout. We did 5 minutes of warm up then 10 rounds of 5 minutes of intervals, then a 5 minute cool down. The 5 minute interval rounds were: 30 seconds move A; 30 seconds move B; repeat 3 more times; rest 1 minute. Move A was a boxing combo on the heavy bag and move B was anything from jump squats to planks to mountain climbers. It was perfect because Stuart and I did alternate moves, switching every 30 seconds, then we had a minute to catch our breath, look at my notebook for the next interval moves/combo, grab some water, and then jump back in. It was S-W-E-A-T-Y.

You can’t see because of the black and white photo, but my new boxing gloves are bright pink. DA BEST. After the workout I asked my dad about his plans for the day and was able to convince him that we should build a garden box for my patio balcony. By “we” I naturally mean I was supervising the work, driving to Home Depot, and sipping a latte while my dad did the heavy lifting. I did try my hardest to help but my dad is kind of the best dad ever and he did SO MUCH. I am so so so grateful. I don’t have a photo of the garden box because it’s not quite done (I still have to stain it and put some final touches on it) but it’s CUTE. I’m super excited to get started on one of my 2017 goals of learning how to garden! Whether I actually end up having a green thumb or not, one thing is for sure – my garden will be adorable.

It took about 3 or 4 hours to finish the garden box, then I ate a late lunch at my parents, drove to Michaels to find some odds and ends to finish the garden box, then headed home to finally shower and make myself presentable for the day. I picked up my friend Amanda a couple hours later and we headed to an event called “Barley, Beats, & Inner Peace,” a DJ’d yoga class with beer. It was held at Wellness Within and was a neat experience. It wasn’t the best yoga class I had been to but the idea was really cool and I think it was just a nice chill night to spent with my friend. I would go to a lot more yoga classes if they all had glasses of cold craft beer to drink while you practiced.


Sunday morning called for another workout – this time with my friends at the gym. For the past few weeks we’ve been getting together for a strength/cardio workout at the gym one day on the weekend and it has been so fun. They are always KILLER workouts, we pick moves to show each other, and do some really awesome heavy lifting then bursts of stairs and such to finish it off. This female gym tribe is just so inspiring and motivating, it is definitely a highlight of the weekend every time! We did just over an hour of legs, back, and abs, then headed to yoga class. My mom joined us and we did a “Rest and Renew” restorative yoga practice. I typically avoid these more ‘meditation’ style classes because I am very fidgety and get bored easily, but I know it was really good for my body to be there. We spent an hour and 15 minutes in about 5 different poses, with lots of props, and lots of time spent focused on breath and ease. Definitely slow and nap-like, but felt good.

We grabbed lattes after class before parting ways for the rest of the day. I headed to get groceries on my way home, then spent the remainder of the afternoon cleaning, organizing, and cooking for the week. At one point I was literally sitting on my bathroom floor organizing all of my nail polish by colour, and making little dots on the top of the nail polish bottles so I could see what colour they were by looking at the tops. When I finally sat down at night I did some manuscript work for my previous Masters supervisor and submitted summer spin class proposals. WHATTA DAY.

I feel like this weekend was super productive. Little tasks I’ve been avoiding, or paperwork that’s been sitting on top of my filing cabinet forever, are finally done. There was something in me that just needed to feel like my environment was fresh and organized. It felt good. Huge shoutout to my dad for being awesome and helping me build building a garden box that will hopefully lead to a first-ever successful gardening season! I think I’m officially ready for spring!

How was your weekend? What was the best thing you did?

Do you ever get that “need to clean/organize” feeling?


  1. Sipping beer WHILE you flow? Now that’s my kind of practice! I’m trying to organize an outdoor patio Brewga here for this summer. You HAVE TO COME!
    I’ll plan it specifically around your schedule, hahahaha

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