Friday Favourites: May 2017.

After writing about my April favourites last month I’ve been keeping this type of post in the back of my mind all throughout this month so I could share everything I’m truly loving in May. Alberta went from a very winter-esque April to full-on summer in May so I’ll start by saying this weather is definitely one of my favourites this month. I am enjoying all things sunshine, bright colours, and fresh.

  • I ordered these online from Urban Outfitters a while ago after searching far and wide in stores for them and when they finally arrived I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I don’t know how I created the obsession with these in my mind but all I could picture updated my summer wardrobe with was these – like I needed them in my closet – pink shortall overalls.

  • After smelling my Bath & Body Works Waikiki Beach Coconut body cream wafting around the office, my lovely coworker told me to try the Oahu Coconut Sunset Aloe Gel Lotion. The next day she brought me a mini tube to test out and I can’t get over how much I love it. There is definitely a difference in how it feels with the addition of aloe. I haven’t seen it in this year’s summer release so I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

  • I’m a little late to the punch but I only recently started listening to Kelly Robert’s Run Selfie Repeat Podcast. I have followed her on social media for a while but hadn’t watched her daily vlogs or listened to her podcast until now. I like that they’re short episodes, not because I don’t want more, but they’re super convenient to listen to on the walk to work and back. She dives into some pretty raw and vulnerable topics and I think she echoes a lot of what women and men in the fitness world have felt or experienced at one time. She is very real and genuine about what she says and it’s a great listen.
  • The 30-day no sugar added challenge has really improved some of my eating habits and while I have stuck with a lot of the same meals and habits I developed during those four weeks, I have one vice that I don’t want to nor will likely ever give up – chocolate. This Lindt coconut dark chocolate is unreal and I have 2 squares almost every evening after dinner.

  • One of this month’s favourites, that I chatted about in this post, is daily gratitude journaling. I find it so therapeutic to write down three things every evening that I am grateful for that day. I can totally understand how this habit would eventually “train your brain” as I notice myself going to bed reflecting on the positive things that happened that day instead of possibly focusing on the negative. It has even allowed me, after a shitty work day for example, to focus on the positives and appreciate that I have a job and that I have the patience and strength to deal with situations that upset me.
  • I have been a very avid bath-hater for my entire life. I have always felt super suffocated and sweaty and gross sitting in a bath but that has recently shifted to a new appreciation for them. It’s weird that this has happened in spring and not during our cold winter, but nevertheless, I have enjoyed more baths in the last two weeks than I have in my entire post-infant life. I splurged at Lush recently and tried the Avobath bath bomb and it totally changed the bath game for me. It smells heavenly and I just relaxed into the bright green avocado and lemongrass bath water. Heavenly.

It’s super fun to try new things (ha, sense a May theme?) and I often discover new favourites that I incorporate into my life. I go through food phases, make-up phases, and fitness phases and I really enjoying peering into other people’s favourites so I hope you enjoyed mine!


  1. Your overalls are so cute.
    I need that chocolate in my life!!
    And I’m the same as you with baths. I never really enjoyed them until the last couple years. It’s SO great to indulge in Lush bath bombs.

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