Hive Fit Co. Rowing and Cycling Classes!

Good morning and happy Monday wonderful people! I hope you were able to spend some time with your momma or the moms in your life this past weekend. I was able to spend a lot of Saturday and a tiny bit of Sunday with my mom. She’s the absolute best so I was grateful to have a bit of extra time with her during Mother’s Day weekend. She even voted for a new-to-us restaurant for a family dinner out so that I could check another box on my May challenge list and we went to Julio’s Barrio on Whyte Ave. SO DELICIOUS. I think I’m still full from my chimichanga.

Crossing another couple of items off my May challenge included heading to Hive Fit Co. to try a rowing class for the first time and hop on the bikes for a spin class. I purchased the 2-week newbie pass for $50 (prices HERE), so I’m trying to go to as many classes as I can in those two weeks to try all the classes they offer! On Thursday I attended my first rowing class after work. The fitness studio is actually SO CLOSE to my office, it’s about a three block walk so very convenient to head to a class right after work or go for a quick sweat at lunch.


I went to their “Row” class, which is one of the most popular and most offered classes. It’s a 45 minute class that is a combination of cardio on the rower and light weights, resistance band, and body weight work on the mats beside the rower. They also offer an “Endurance Row” class which is 45 minutes of only rowing. I am planning to try that one out this week to see if I can do the all-in rowing! First of all, the rowers are beautiful. I’ve always rowed on the Concept2 rowers and never on a water one, so this was pretty neat. They have screens on the front that tell you your speed in strokes per minute, calories, distance, and a couple more data points, but the only number we really focused on was speed as that was key in doing our interval work.


We did a total of about 20 minutes on the rower that was a combination of just-upper and just-lower body work, and full-body strokes. Lots of interval work made the time go by fast as that’s a major reason I don’t use the rower too much as I get bored. We hopped on and off the rower throughout class, going about 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off. The mat work included lots of core exercises like planks, mountain climbers, and v-sits. One part I found a bit challenging and annoying was that the mats were wedged in between the rowers so there wasn’t much room to work. The mat exercises were good to switch things up but it was sometimes hard to do things properly when there was such limited space. I like that the classes are 45 minutes because you can go in, work hard, get a sweat on, and it’s super quick. I tried a lunch-hour class on Friday and it was great to pop down for a sweat, then head back to work within the hour!

One thing that surprised me (though it really shouldn’t have) was how much power comes from your legs in rowing. I think these rowers are much better for getting a rhythm going and you really have to use all the power in your legs to get a strong stroke. The instructor gave me a bit of an intro-to-rowing when I came in and she told me to focus on that strong push of the legs, lean back and use your core, then do the final pull with your arms. To finish and get ready for the next pull, you just reverse that, so arms in, sit back up, and pull your legs in. Legs-core-arms-arms-core-legs. I really found it key to use your heels and get as much explosiveness as possible.

I went to spin class at Hive Fit Co. yesterday morning, after lazing around and enjoying a much needed sleep in. I would say I have a similar review to the class I did at YEG Cycle. I like the club-like dance atmosphere in the dark room, with bright lights and good music. I enjoy the “team” dynamics of synching up some moves like dips and touch-backs to the music, the instructor, and the people around you. I can’t say I get as good of a workout in these classes as I do when I teach my spin classes. I try not to be bias when I attend another spin class, because I am always looking to improve myself as an instructor and incorporate new ideas into my classes. I just can’t really buy into the dips, the hand weights for an “arm workout” in the middle of class, and some of the drills. I definitely teach a cyclist-minded spin class and look to improve our efficiency and cadence and maximize our power (watts), so it’s hard for me to buy into some of the things the spin studios do. I get it – it’s fun. It makes you feel like you’re getting a full body workout that’s more dance than bike. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun, and even was able to sit beside a colleague who was attending the class as well, and the instructor was full of energy and lovely, but I definitely was left wanting more cycling in the spin class than whatever the hell hand weight pulses are.

It was a busy weekend of workouts and I am definitely feeling it this morning. In addition to a few rowing classes last week I did legs with the gym girls on Saturday, went for a walk after the leg workout, then on Sunday did the cycling class, a 5+ mile run, and played a game of soccer. Phew! I am really excited to get back to a few rowing classes this week with my trial-pass. It’s fun to switch things up and try something new (gosh Kris, your May challenge was so brilliant) and I’m actually really stoked to try the Endurance Row class.


Hive Fit Co. as a fitness studio is wonderful. Everyone has been SO FRIENDLY and really accommodating. The instructors are great, motivating, and kind. It’s convenient for anyone living or working downtown and is one of the only fitness studios in the area. They offer yoga classes in addition to cycling and rowing. At the end of each class you are passed a cold, scented towel, and that is just my favourite thing ever, plus every rower and spin bike has a towel waiting for you to use during your workout. It’s definitely a fun place to workout and super cute. The past few days have been killer for checking boxes on my May challenge list!

What was the best part of your weekend? 

Have you tried a rowing class? What did you think?

Do you go to spin classes? What do YOU want from a spin class?


  1. I love/hate rowing – it’s crazy how exhausted your body gets in such a short period of time. I feel like I start out strong and fizzle very fast. My glutes are actually super sore and shredded to bits right now because I was squeezing them so tightly during Friday’s OTF rowing. I can’t imagine what a full class is like! Looks/sounds fun though.

    1. Oh man, my glutes have been sore for the last week and I honestly never really tied it to rowing until you said that!! :O

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