Coffee Date: Currently.

Stealing some inspiration from The Athletarian this morning and chatting with you about what I’m currently up to! Grab your coffee, sit down, and let’s talk about our lives lately! It’s actually been SO hot in Edmonton and my gorgeous apartment is lacking air conditioning so yesterday when I made my morning coffee and started sweating through my work clothes from being so damn hot, I poured the extra bit of coffee into a container to cool in the fridge so I could drink iced coffee rather than hot coffee the next morning.

Currently drinking: Well, aside from that iced coffee I am currently drinking a shit-ton of water. And if you’re wondering, a “shit-ton” is about 4-5L a day. I typically drink quite a bit of water every day but with the weather being so warm and my spin classes practically being held in an oven, I’ve been downing way more. I also am enjoying red wine over beer right now and it’s lovely.

Currently eating: SALMON. I’ve been really enjoying my incorporation of salmon back into my diet and my colleague and friend even sent me a seafood share program from Vancouver that is a sustainable fishing company run by a family on the west coast. It’s like the farm shares where you pitch in a certain amount every month and the farm divvies up the harvest to those involved int he share program so you are getting what’s seasonal and fresh.

Currently working on: race registrations and figuring out my plans for the summer! I have been keeping a few events, races, and concerts in the back of my mind for this summer but as July and August are quickly approaching, I need to nail down some plans and purchase some tickets! I am planning to register for the Moose is Loose 10K trail run, the Tour De L’Alberta, and possibly the Edmonton Half Marathon. I am already signed up to do the 5K Foam Fest in Leduc on July 1st and Wanderlust 108 in Calgary on August 12th!

Currently obsessed with: my kayak. I am really really happy so far with the purchase and I’m even getting better and faster at tying it to the roof of my vehicle. I am always a little leery still as I’m cruising down the highway, but so far so good with my strength in tying it to the car.

Currently listening to: Despacito by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber. I can’t get enough of it. I have put it in all three spin classes I taught this week and I just absolutely love it. Another favourite right now is Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran. I don’t know how his album has been out for so long and I’m just hearing this song now but it’s so fun!

Currently thinking about: work. Both the colleague aspect and daily stuff that trickles into your mind after you leave the office but also a bit of “where do I want to go with my career” as well. I absolutely love what I do right now and there were a lot of really positive moments this week that made me feel like I’m in the right place but I’m also thinking long-term and just where exactly I want to take my career (I was going to “exactly where my career will take me” but I am the only one in control of that, so instead I said, “where I want to take my career”). I don’t really have any conclusions of decisions, just thinking about it. 🙂

Currently reading: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. The freaky thing is that the same day I went to pick up the book from a hold at the library my brother and I were driving and he was like, “I watched the movie Before I Fall, and it was super good,” without even knowing that we were on the way to pick up that exact story.

Alright, now my iced coffee is warm and your coffee is cold. I hope you have an amazing weekend. A course I was planning to take tomorrow was cancelled due to low registration so I have quite an open calendar now… sounds like a KAYAK day!

Your turn – tell me what you’re currently’s are!


  1. Ah haha, I’m also planning to do the Moose is Loose 10K (such a fun race!) and the Edmonton Marathon half. 🙂

    1. Nice! Is September typically a good time to find deals? I know for sure I want a beach vacay this year, but possibly further into the winter.

        1. True! Good call, I’m going to look into a November trip – especially after hearing all about Hawaii from you, I want to go there!

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