Troubled Monk Run & Father’s Day.

Another weekend, another sunburn. I really need to learn to actually apply sunscreen and not just think about it after being outside for a few hours. It was an incredible weekend, spending lots of time with my dad because after all it was Father’s Day! I feel so fortunate to be able to see my dad quite often and we have always been super close so it was nice to spend a little extra quality time with him this past weekend! On Saturday he picked me up bright and early and we headed south to Red Deer to partake in the Troubled Monk Run 10K.

We arrived with plenty of time to grab our bibs and check out the brewery before lining up to start the 10K at 10am. I was able to say a quick ‘hi’ to Becky (The Bex Factor) before we started and then she took off and scored her fastest 10K this year (woo woo!!). My dad isn’t a runner so we agreed to walk the 10K and I told him we should have made shirts that said ‘HERE FOR THE BEER.’ We were able to explore to gorgeous trails of Red Deer and it was honestly the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent in Red Deer as most often I’m grabbing coffee and peeing on my way to and from Calgary. I was seriously blown away at how pretty the trail system was and Heritage Park is just adorable! I can’t wait to come back – Becky get ready for a visit! My dad and I crossed the finish line after who knows how long and actually scored random prizes from the prize table which for my dad meant a Troubled Monk golf shirt and for me meant a gift card that was immediately spent on beer.

We grabbed our free can of beer (included with the race registration in addition to a Troubled Monk beer glass and wooden coaster) and chatted a bit more with Becky! I absolutely adore her shirt!

My dad and I chatted the whole drive down to Red Deer and then the entire 10K and it felt nice to catch up on life! Most often when we see each other it’s at family friends’ parties or working out or watching sports so it was wonderful to just listen to each other and have no distractions! Definitely the perfect way to spend the day before Father’s Day! If there’s one thing that brings us together it’s talking pretentiously about craft beer, haha!

We hit the road shortly after to Lacombe where we headed to Blindman Brewery to see it and fill up a growler. We had a family friends’ pool party later in the evening so we made sure to get some craft beer for that and we had fun tasting them as well! Upon Becky’s recommendation we headed to Cilantro & Chive in Lacombe for lunch where I grabbed another beer and the sundried tomato flatbread.

After lunch we made our way back to Edmonton. I stopped at my house to make an appetizer for the pool party then I quickly popped into the gym to get in a short strength workout. I did a quick 30 minutes but man you can get a lot done in 30 minutes. It was definitely the battle ropes that got me sweating. I headed over the pool party after that and spent the evening laughing and talking with family friends and it turned into one of those perfectly calm and gorgeous summer evenings.

On Sunday I slept in and then texted my dad as soon as I got up to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. My dad replied and then asked what I was up to, saying he was heading out shortly to go for a bike ride. I quickly through my sexy cycling bib shorts on and tossed my bike in the back of my car to head out to my parents’. We rode 60km and it was great! I love being on the road and despite a few stretches against the wind where I felt like my quads were dying, it was a fun ride! I hung out at my parents’ for a bit before subbing once again for the sports and recreation league where we played ultimate frisbee.

After a brief thunderstorm in the afternoon, it turned out to be beautiful for the game. In the direct sun it was super warm and we had a ton of fun playing. The other team had a couple people that actually played ultimate so when they were in the field it was insanely tough to defend. Oh well, we did our best!

How was your weekend?

Did you get to spend time with your dad?

Do you have a favourite Alberta brewery? 


  1. How fun to read your post and recall visits to the places you mention. So glad you had a great event and fun with your Dad, too. I must come read more often!

  2. Hahaha I LOVE Becky’s tank – so cute! I need it. Man, did you ever have a busy weekend. I have never spent more than 5 minutes in Red Deer alley. I think most of us assume it’s ugly & gross because of it’s Gasoline Alley first impression.

    1. You need to come spend some time on our trail system! It’s so beautiful, every time I’m out I am just filled with so much gratitude for having such beautiful trails to enjoy. I mean, it’s no mountain town but we do alright for a little Central Alberta city :p

      1. Haha, it’s so funny because I literally didn’t stray from Gasoline Alley before but it’s just such a beautiful city!

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Red Deer and checking out our breweries! That’s awesome you guys won prizes! Let me know next time you want to come back! Lots more gems in the city to show you!

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