Friday Favourites: July 2017.

If you can believe it, this is the last Friday in July. This summer has been spectacular so far, but as always, it’s flying by way too fast. I went grocery shopping on Monday night and all of the back-to-school stuff was on display at the front of the store and it still makes me upset to see it there over a month before the start of the school year. The positive side is that all of the summer stuff was already being cleared out so I bought a small cooler (for those day-long adventures) and citronella candles. Let’s jump into my monthly favourites for July!

  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company Lemongrass Bath Bombs. I don’t think this really needs any explanation… amazing smell, perfectly relaxing, and a wonderful way to recover from runs and hikes!

  • Run Collective. You’ve likely gathered by now that I no longer have an aversion to group running. It has been four weeks of attending Run Collective with LuluLemon on Whyte and I am really enjoying it. I know it’s always going to be a hard workout but there is so much support and encouragement that I know I can do it and I don’t get anxious about it. This week we did a 7+ mile tempo run and despite the 30C heat, it was fantastic! Having a coach to keep you on pace (even though I’m not training for anything in particular) is super motivating and every week I set myself up to keep pace with Coach Jen and the rest of the crew and find it very helpful!

  • Eat & Run by Scott Jurek. I devoured this book. It was refreshing to read about someone who ran (and ran ridiculously well) by listening to his body and not running by numbers and stats and GPS. It was fascinating to me to read about how easy he found it to be an ultra runner and eat a vegan diet. His connection to his body, how well he feeds it and the translation to how well he runs, was my main takeaway because I know I can always do a bit better with what I eat, and it really painted the picture for me for how that will truly connect to how well my body performs.  The book was a combination of his story + running tips + vegan recipes.

  • Sour Beer. I know, I just contradicted the previous point by going from talking about healthy eating to beer but… balance. I’m currently really into sour beers. Situation Brewery here in Edmonton has an amazing Blood Orange Sour and I definitely indulged in one after Run Collective this week. It’s so tart and refreshing and just something different!

  • Carpool Karaoke with Usher. I missed out on seeing Usher in concert in Calgary this July but I think I was almost just as excited to see that James Corden had collaborated with Usher for an episode of Carpool Karaoke. I am an unashamed huge Usher fan and this just melted my soul. *heart eyes emoji*

  • Lattes. I know I should probably be saying iced coffee, and don’t get me wrong, that’s definitely in my summer drink rotation, but I am really enjoying lattes right now. I’ll always be a Starbucks go-to gal, but District Cafe, Credo, and Airdrie’s Sorso are my latest favourite stops. I can’t drink more than a 12oz latte but they are just so delicious as an afternoon treat. Plus, if you’re really feeling like a treat, the honey lattes (made with local honey) from Sorso in Airdrie, associated with Rosso in Calgary, are UNREAL.

  • ProCompression low socks. It’s been too hot for me to wear my marathon compression socks because I’m a really sweaty person (I know, TMI, but you could probably already tell by my Instagram photos) but I am absolutely wearing calf sleeves and Procompression’s low running socks for training runs. The lows are so great and I wore them all weekend hiking in Waterton!

If you’re a marathon compression sock fan, you can grab a bag of 3 pairs for just $36 right now! Use code JULYBAG before July 31 to pick some up!

  • Cherries. My grocery cart is about 83% fresh fruit when I pick up groceries now because I just can’t decide between all of the in-season fruits right now. Cherries are only here (and perfectly sweet) for a short time so I’m kind of loving them right now. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe are my other favourites. I guess this really doesn’t narrow it down to a favourite, more just I LOVE FRUIT.

What are YOU loving this month?

What was the best part of your July?


  1. I just realized it’s the end of July. I definitely thought it was still mid-July. SLOW DOWN TIME! I feel like I haven’t done much at all yet this summer!

    I wish I could love sour beers but they don’t agree with my tummy, so I usually avoid them. Situation makes such great beer!

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