Vision Quest Hike & bRUNch with Run Collective.

As I write up this weekend-in-review post, my quads are officially out of commission, I’m so tired and just want to nap, and my stomach hurts because I ate too many cherries… but none of these are bad things. My quads put in some serious work over the past three days, I’m exhausted because I had a fabulous weekend, and the cherries are so sweet and delicious, finally in season, so I have been going a bit overboard. Ah, summer really is the best!


On Friday I ran 5 miles before work. It was a crisp morning run that felt amazing. While I knew it would leave me tired the rest of the day, being up before 5am, I also knew it would start my day on the right foot… literally. After work I hit up the trails with my friend Shawn and we did an easy 4.5 mile trail run from Waskahagen Staging area in Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Lake Provincial Park. Lots of trails to run, a great area that I’ll definitely be back to, but more mosquitos than you could ever imagine. My legs are covered in bites! We hit up Local with our friend Trevor for beer and pizza after the run for the best possible way to end the work week!


I was up bright and early Saturday to drive to Abraham Lake for a hike with Jo and Nick! They spent the night lakeside camping and met me at the Vision Quest trailhead mid-morning. Jo and I did this hike last year when we went camping together and it’s really great. It’s a very tough climb up, just a steep and steady grind, but not too far and you get spectacular views at the top, making it worth the effort. It’s only about 3km to the top, but you climb almost 3000ft in that span. MY QUADS. It was actually my calves that felt like they were going to snap as we climbed but the most sore part of legs overall has to be my quads.

It was super windy at the top so after snapping a couple of photos and attempting to set up a self-timed photo in the wind, we scurried around the rocks to have a snack out of the wind. This lake is breathtaking. The colour is unmatched and you can’t really do it justice in any photo. The water looks tropical, yet it’s situated in the middle of the mountainous Rockies. It does bring about the same sense of peace and relaxation as if you were sitting on a tropical beach. In case anyone is wondering – this is the lake that is notorious for the methane bubbles that look really cool when it freezes over in the winter.

I thought we’d be able to get down the mountain a bit faster but because it is SO steep, you really have to take your time. There were a couple of slips here and there but no serious falls as we scrambled down. I think the downhill did my legs in because you do so much bracing and your stabilizer muscles are firing constantly for a solid hour. It was so fun to knock out another hike with Jo and Nick. They are definitely speedy hikers so it helps push me to keep up!

After we got back to our cars we drove to where they had set up camp for the night to hang out on the shore of Abraham Lake for a bit. We drank beer and cooled off from the Vision Quest grind. Nick and I waded into the water and while it wasn’t as cold as I expected, it was still pretty chilly. I love sticking my feet in a creek or river or lake after a hike! I said goodbye shortly after and headed back to the city.


If I hadn’t already signed up to do a bRUNch with LululemonYEG, I probably would have done a super easy 5K or not run at all, because my quads were extremely sore when I woke up Sunday morning. I definitely didn’t foam roll or stretch enough! My original goal heading into the weekend was to do a long run of 8 miles on Sunday so out I went, pounding the pavement for 2 miles before meeting over 100 people at Central Social Hall on Jasper Ave for a 10K group run. I ran with Jayda – the best new running friend – and we did our 10K together, her finishing off a 10-miler and me finishing up my 8. We talked the entire time, running faster than I thought I would, and nailed our runs. It was great! It just shows how awesome running with a group is because I would not have done so well without them!

The best part? Brunch. Central has a pretty awesome brunch menu so I went with the avocado tomato eggs benny. It was delicious and the crispy potatoes were complete and utter soul food perfection. I skipped the mimosa and drank black coffee instead as we had run in the rain and I was getting a chill, so I needed the warmth.

I spent the rest of Sunday running errands and relaxing. There was a ton of smoke from the BC/Alberta border wildfires, a bit of rain, and random thunderstorms happening so I was content to snuggle up inside for a bit. Next weekend – camping!

What did you get up to this weekend?

What is the best hike you’ve done this summer?

What’s your favourite post-hike indulgence?


    1. It’s not super technical – really easy to follow the path and you don’t really need poles (though on the way down it’s nice to have one) so it’s really just tough because of how steep it is!

  1. How long are your drives to the mountains? I assume to Abraham Lake must be 3-4 hours from Edmonton…Do you mind making those long drives down and back in one day? I think it’s awesome that you do!! Have you considered moving closer to the mountains?

    1. Abraham Lake is about 3.5 hours from Edmonton, it’s actually pretty equal distance to Canmore and Jasper. I find it interesting how all access points to the mountains are about the same distance. The answer is YES, I have 100% looked at moving to the mountains. My job/family/established life in YEG have kept me here but I still don’t feel like I’ve put down roots and I routinely browse different types of jobs in Canmore, Cochrane, Vancouver, and Calgary just to be a little closer to the mountains. It may just happen one day. 🙂

    1. I think the cold and bubbly is a common craving after a hike – I love black cherry sparkling water or a cold beer. 🙂

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