Weekend Recap: Run, Run, Run, Kayak.

I’m really proud of running a total of 60km last week! This is the highest mileage I’ve had in months and it felt really good. I think the most time consuming thing is the extra stuff that comes with running like stretching, foam rolling, and the boring recovery routine! I think there were multiple people at GoodLife who thought I was in medical distress when I was foam rolling my calves. I just can’t seem to keep the knots away from my calf muscles! Alright, let’s jump into a weekend recap!

On Friday night my brother and I went to the Edmonton Eskimos game. We went for dinner at Beer Revolution first then waited in a long line to grab tickets at the gates. We missed almost the entire first quarter but it was totally worth it. It was a great game and awesome to hang out with my brother for the evening! Also, the Esks won and are now 5-0 so that’s fun. On Saturday morning I headed over to see my brother again because I was paying him, in salt water taffy from the Nanton candy store, to take photos of some new Lululemon clothing I was provided by LululemonYEG. A community rep (shoutout to Lauren!!) reached out to me to invite me to the store to pick out a new outfit and I had to do it justice with photos!

Shirt: Quick Pace Short Sleeve

Pant: Fast and Free Tight II

After we shot some less-than-candid running photos, I took the outfit out for an actual run. I did 5 miles in my old stomping grounds from my parents’ house and it was kind of nostalgic to run that loop again. The pants were perfect as I didn’t have to adjust them on the run at all and they were really light and ‘naked feeling.’ The top is super fun. While it’s not something I would normally go for – for a long body like mine it borders on crop-top – it is super cute and really perfect for summer running because it’s very light and cool.

After a quick trip around the St. Albert Farmer’s Market, I headed home to put on some shorts for a second run of the day. I tried black lemonade from Splash Juicery at the Farmer’s Market (charcoal + lemonade) and it was delicious. I also snacked on a Clif nut butter filled bar in coconut and almond butter. DELICIOUS. I met up with Jayda and we drove to the inaugural YEG Relay. It was a random event with a ton of people from a bunch of different running clubs and groups from around the city. Everyone was placed into teams of 4 and everyone on the team had to run the 2.5km loop which included portions of track, pavement, and trail. It was really fun and it was great to see a lot of familiar faces and meet new friends as well! Our team did so well!

On Sunday morning I set my alarm for earlier than I wake up on a week day. WHAT. I heard Jayda and Lindsey discussing plans to do their long run together at the YEG Relay and I invited myself along. I needed motivation to not just mail it in at 10K and to get a solid long run in so I added myself to their plans to do an 18K and met up with them at 7:30am Sunday morning. I have never had a long run go by so fast and I totally get it now why people run together for weekend long runs. I swear the time and mileage flew by so fast. We did a nice and easy 15K, a conversational pace about 9:30 min/mile, then I just barely tried to keep up with them when they did a final 3km ‘fast finish’ to try and hold race pace for the final 3km of the run. Considering I don’t really have a race pace or race goals right now, I just tried to keep it around 8:20min/mile. We finished up our 18km and I decided that I felt good and kept going for anther 3km to complete a half marathon distance.

Runners have a weird definition of a ‘fun’ Sunday morning. 😉

I showered up and about an hour later I was STARVING. I whipped up the most eclectic and delicious salad with grilled halloomi, leftover salmon, couscous, pear, sunflower seeds, avocado, and chickpeas. I topped it with hummus because actual salad dressing is for chumps.

My friend Robin and I decided to spend the afternoon at the beach. Heading into the weekend I was craving a beach day and told myself if I cleaned my apartment I would head to the beach Sunday afternoon. Well, this party animal had a wild Saturday evening cleaning and happily headed out to Hubbles Lake with her kayak and a book. I kayaked around the lake once, which took about an hour, then laid on the beach for close to two hours reading and relaxing. It was absolute perfection and just what I needed to complete a summer weekend at home.

The two books I’ve read as ‘beach reads’ this summer while camping or hanging out at the beach have been SUPER WEIRD. I read One and Only by Emily Giffin where a sports journalist falls in love with her best friend’s dad who recently lost his wife. What? Now I’m reading Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, which if you can see any of the text in the photo above, is about white supremacists who sue a black nurse for touching their baby who ended up dying of heart failure. Again… what? I don’t know how this happened but the weirdness has definitely kept me reading because I just want to know what happens, and why.

Any summer ‘beach read’ suggestions?

Have you done any summer races or running events?

What are you training for?


  1. Your Lulu outfit is super cute. And you’re lucky to have someone to take decent photos of you. I need that!!

    Sounds like such a great weekend. I also spent a good portion of my weekend at the beach just playing and having fun with Liam. It was perfect.

    1. Every now and again those beach days are just necessary! My brother is getting more and more into photography so I’m always like “HEY!! I have an idea to build your portfolio!” Hahaha!

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