Murray siblings go camping: Part 2.

… and here we go with part two! In case you missed it, yesterday I posted part one of the camping trip I took with my brother Stuart! We started in Jasper, hiking Valley of Five Lakes, then made our way to Kicking Horse Campground and hiked Paget Peak. The next few days contain a lot of waterfalls, smiles, and nostalgia.

Part 2: Canoeing, hiking, and waterfalls.

On Wednesday we had planned (or at least I had planned) to do a long hike from Emerald Lake. As the week wore on and I felt more and more like I needed to enjoy the relaxing part of my vacation more than the active part of my vacation and we opted to do less intense hikes and just enjoy being outside. We parked at Emerald Lake and did the easy 5.3km loop around the lake. We took a ton of photos and stopped at every point we could to either take photos for Instagram or randomly shout “get than ‘gram” at others who were taking photos for Instagram.

Emerald Lake looks and feels very similar to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. There are tons of people, it is certainly a tourist hotspot, but you still have to see it because it is breathtaking. It took us almost an hour and a half to get around the 5km trail and as we walked we saw the many canoes paddling around the lake. I mentioned to Stuart that we should check it out when we get back to the dock area and if there wasn’t too long of a wait we should rent one. It’s overpriced, touristy, and slightly cliche, but seriously, how can you not want to paddle these waters?

As luck would have it, there was no line or wait for canoes when we returned from our hike so we jumped right into the canoe and paddled around the lake for an hour. It was so relaxing and despite the many canoes that leave from the dock, we paddled straight to the end of the lake and didn’t have anyone around us! We saw a momma loon and her two babies and she kept diving down and grabbing food for them then feeding it to them. It was super cute!

After the canoe adventure we ate our lunch at the lakeside picnic tables – the exquisite cuisine of peanut butter and banana sandwiches, apples, and granola bars – then left the busy lake to check out the village of Field, BC. We stopped in at Truffle Pigs Bistro for a pint before we went back to our campsite. We both had the Four Winds saison that was delicious and we sipped it on the patio with fellow campers, hikers, and backpackers. We watched trains go in and out of town and took in the mountain views.

On Thursday we headed up the road from our campground to check out Takkakaw Falls. The road there is crazy windy and at one point the switchbacks are so tight that if you’re driving a motorhome or bus you have to drive backwards because you can’t make the turn! We wandered around Takkakaw Falls, enjoying the refreshing cool mist of the falls, before carrying on with more hiking!

We decided to start with the 4km trek to Laughing Falls. It is the midpoint of a longer hike to Twin Falls and we made it out check point to see if we wanted to continue on or turn around. After a water break and the determination that we were still full of energy, we continued from Laughing Falls to Twin Falls, another 4-5km down the trail. Boy, are we glad we did. Twin falls is amazing. We took lots of photos, refuelled with another lunch of peanut butter and banana sandwiches and apples, and let the mist cool us down on the 32C day!

After the lunch break we headed back down to Takkakaw, for a total of 18km in about four hours. It was an exhausting day but it was only early afternoon so we continued to waterfall adventures by driving past Field to the Wapta Falls trailhead. At the recommendation of our bartender in Field, we hiked the 2.4km to Wapta Falls, the third largest falls by volume in Canada. Waterfalls are never as pretty in photos as they are in real life, but we tried!

We headed back to camp exhausted and ready for our final camp dinner and beer. I finally had a great sleep on the last night in tent but isn’t that always how it goes. We packed up the next morning and left the campground just as there was a line-up of about eight or ten cars trying to get campsites for the weekend. It made me so happy we decided to camp during the week and avoid the weekend in the mountains! Overall, a really cool trip with my brother and we got in the perfect amount of hiking time and relaxing time. There were some bumps in the road and we didn’t end up sleeping much throughout the trip, but I’m super glad we went!

Have you camped this summer? Where did you go?

What is your favourite part of camping?


  1. So many questions! Are the trails well marked at the park? I’m looking for a good hike, but may be going solo, so somewhat frequented is ideal. Something that could be done in half a day (I’m driving 4 hours to get there & back), afraid I won’t get camping grounds with my toght schedule.

    1. Yes! Very well marked in Yoho like other National Parks. The most well-marked would be the trails around Takkakaw Falls – and you can definitely get to Twin Falls within 4 hours round trip!! You’d love it!!

  2. I’ve been meaning to get out to Yoho all summer but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Maybe this fall!!

    Fav part of camping is how calm, relaxed and present I feel. I temporarily forget about “real life” back home.

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