These are a few of my favourite things & later alligators.

As you are reading this, I am somewhere in Rockies camping, hiking, drinking beer, and enjoying some quality time with my little brother! Remember when you were younger and summers meant that all of your friends were off and you could play and hang out with them everyday? Yeah, so apparently adult life is not like that and my friends don’t magically have the week off so I am so fortunate to have one of my BFFs, my brother, tagging along for a week-long camping trip! If you don’t hear from me for the rest of the week, don’t panic, I (hopefully) was not eaten by a bear, I just don’t expect to have cell service or my laptop or the means to blog for the week while I’m camping!

This weekend in Canada is a long weekend so I’m wishing everyone a very happy Monday and hopefully you have the day off to enjoy it doing something you love. I had an amazing weekend doing a few of my favourite things! On Friday night I celebrated my friend Trevor’s birthday and left the party when the guys decided to put on speedos and run down the street. You read that right. I can’t imagine anything good happened after that. 😉 I knew I had a long run early in the morning so I was thankful for my decision to get at least a few hours of sleep!

I met up with new running friends Jayda and Heather and we knocked out 12 miles together before I took off for another 3 for a total of 15. It was an incredible run, mostly because running with friends makes the time FLY. It was a cool, crisp summer morning and despite being very tired, I was really glad I got up and did my run while it was overcast and cool.

I really wanted to nap after my run but I had bigger and better things plans with the same group of friends from Friday night – an Urban Pedal Tour! What better way to spend your Saturday that biking from bar to bar on a 15-passenger bike?! It was actually super fun and with two and a half hours of running under my belt, it didn’t take much for me to get a buzz at noon. We met up at Parlour Italian Kitchen, then biked to Yellowhead Brewery, Craft Beer Market, and the Needle in downtown Edmonton, stopping for a beer at each place.

When we arrived back at Parlour we were all starving and really wanting to balance our liquid diets with some food. Luckily, Parlous opens the kitchen early for the Urban Pedal Tour groups and we all headed in for pizza. I swear I could never get tired of pizza. It was delicious and we spent a few hours chatting and eating while thunderstorms blew through outside.

The rest of my weekend was spent preparing for my camping trip and doing errands. I did a few easy trail miles yesterday morning to shake out my legs after the long run on Saturday and while they were super slow, it was gorgeous in the trails and felt refreshing. I was drenched in sweat, humidity, and bug spray when I finished but it felt great! I finished off the week with just about 40 miles of running and I’m excited to spend the next week getting lots of mileage in the form of hiking!

What did YOU get up to this weekend?

What is one food you could never get sick of?

Do you camp? Where is the coolest place you’ve camped this summer?


  1. The peddle tour looks AWESOME. Hope you have a great week camping.

    My weekend mostly consisted of housework with a little bit of lake time and visiting with friends.

    I also think I could never get sick of pizza. And beer.

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