Friday Favourites: September 2017.

This week was an interesting one here in Edmonton. We had rain, lots of wind, a dusting of snow, sun, and more wind. It was pretty dreary every day so while I didn’t get as much fresh air and outdoor adventure time as I would have liked, I was super productive at work… simply because I didn’t want to be outside in the rain. I am actually off work today (and thank goodness, because work yesterday afternoon was horrendous) and hitting the road with my dad on a father-daughter adventure weekend. Let’s celebrate the first day of fall by checking in with my September monthly favourites, a look at things I’ve been loving this month!

  • After a fairly adventurous summer, it’s finally time to retire my trail runners. These were my first pair of trail shoes, recommended to me by Jo, and they were love at first hike. I’ve worn them running trails, hiking to summits, and general adventuring on dirt paths. They are amazing for hiking up a mountain and then running your heart out down the mountain and have been a game changer for me in day hiking. I’ve already purchased my newer version to replace these ones because I love the Salomon Speedcross so much!

  • GFB. Gluten-free bites. Not because they’re gluten-free because life without gluten sounds horrendous but because they are incredible trail fuel. I have tried to get as ‘real’ as possible with my trail snacks for longer hikes and long runs, but it’s tough finding something that’s easy to digest, tastes good, packs easily, and comes in bite-size snacks. I first tried these at the beginning of summer when my friend Robin and I hiked Crypt Lake in Waterton National Park, and since then have purchased them for almost every single weekend I’ve hit up the mountains.

  • If you’ve been lurking the internet over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed a trend in beauty products with charcoal in them. I remember when my brother told me he brushes his teeth with charcoal I was super confused and did that awkward nervous laughter like, “yeah I totally know that’s a trend, of course I understand why you would do that, I get it,” and meanwhile I’m making a mental note to google WTF he’s talking about. I’ve still been a bit skeptical but can’t help but notice that since I’ve been using the Garnier Skin Active Blackhead Eliminating Scrub, my skin has improved. I’m very uninformed and a tad lazy when it comes to skincare, so finding drugstore products that work well for me is helpful!

  • THIS SONG. Friends by Justin Bieber ft. Bloodpop is incredible. I play it on repeat far too often and I’m still waiting for the day that my spin class participants complain because they’ve heard it for too many weeks in a row. I’m sorry, but Bieber keeps pumping out amazing tracks and I can’t help but love every single one.

  • Of all of the incredible articles I’ve read this month, I think this is one of my favourites. “All mouth and no ears: Settlers with opinions” in Macleans was published September 20 and speaks to so much of what this country needs to hear. I read it this week and sent it to all of my colleagues with the subject like “THIS!!” because it was very well written and I believe it is a great read for everyone living in Canada.

The Scream, by Kent Monkman (2016), is part of a traveling exhibition this year on colonized Canada: Shame And Prejudice: A Story Of Resilience.

  • The Jay and Dan Podcast is back, baby! Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are two sports anchors that spent four years in America hosting a sports highlights show at Fox Sports. They’ve recently returned to Canada and back to TSN to host ‘SC with Jay & Dan’ in their old positions as hosts of the highlights show on TSN. I get to watch the show if I hit the gym in the mornings or watch clips of the show on Youtube but what I most anticipated was the return of their podcast. It’s crass, raw, and sometimes vulgar, but it’s also HILARIOUS. Episode two was released this week.

Yes, we can go from a very serious article in Macleans about uninformed white people having racist opinions about Indigenous peoples in Canada to a crass podcast and a charcoal face scrub. That’s life. It’s all over the place, messy, and that’s evidently reflected in these monthly favourites. It’s a balance. 🙂 Okay, your turn, what is something you’re loving this month?


  1. This weekend I caught some of a CBC documentary about the Oka Crisis and I was shocked at how ignorant I am to Indigenous history/struggles. I’ve always thought of myself as an ally, but I realized I really don’t know anything that would make worthy of that title. I just can’t believe that as Canadians (at least in Ontario) we learn almost nothing about Indigenous history except for a brief mention of Residential Schools. I really, REALLY want to continue to seek out information because I was so disappointed in myself for being so blind.

    All of that just to say, thank you. Thank you for linking that article because I’m off to read it NOW.

    1. I feel the same way and I’m so glad you read the article. I grew up without learning Indigenous history as well. I work in Indigenous health now and I feel like 80% of my job is reconciling the truth of the history of Canada and digging to the true roots of the current health gap – which is colonization, trauma, and systemic racism. They are super tough topics but I admire anyone who is willing to come to the proverbial table to discuss them. 🙂

  2. HAHA! Your mom’s comment is adorable.

    I also love charcoal everything. I have charcoal toothpaste, face wash, face mask, I’ve even had a charcoal latte! My mom once told me charcoal is the new pumpkin lol

  3. I’m loving my job. As hectic as September is for teachers, I love my small class of 18 this year (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone)
    Loving my daughter whom I’m so proud of each and every day!
    I’d say the same about my son but he doesn’t read this blog.
    Loving fall and everything pumpkin spice!
    Love ya, kris

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