Goal So Hard: October.

Autumn has truly hit hard and fast over the last week of September and I am looking forward to the next couple of months. As my outdoor adventures slow down, or at least shift in their nature, and I retreat indoors just a little bit more, I am looking to embrace the slower pace that winter brings. While it may seem like a time where personal growth slows, I would argue that the colder months bring a time for self-reflection and emotional and intellectual growth. I read more, go for evening coffee with friends more, and embrace new and old skills or hobbies.

In September, I accomplished my goals of spending at least one day a week on the trails, both hiking and running. I used any amount of strength training time I had to incorporate core into my workout. I did really well with improving my nutrition and it felt incredibly good. As the sun has set on the busy month of September, I am proud of what I accomplished, despite a few hurdles, and look forward to being a stronger individual moving forward into October.

That is what the sky looked like when I left my massage on Friday evening. It was certainly a moment of thinking, ‘this is the universe telling me I am in the right place, at the right time, and I need to take five seconds right now to appreciate that.’ Let’s chat about my goals for October!

Admittedly, sometimes my monthly goals or challenges miss the mark. I wind up being halfway through the month and thinking, “Why is that my goal? That doesn’t align with who I am, who I aspire to be, or where I believe my intentions should be focused.” It’s not a failure. It is understanding how to embrace the feeling of “this doesn’t feel right” or “this isn’t me” and correcting our path.

As an example, a lot of my challenges that focus on any sort of restriction wind up feeling like they go against my pursuit of wellness, balance, and intuitive health. Pursuing a “no sugar” or “no alcohol” challenge for 30 days is really easy to define and there are a handy set of “rules” you can apply to your life for a month, but is that truly wellness? I ultimately end up thinking that if something isn’t a sustainable healthful habit, why am I trying so hard to “check this box” in a challenge. Yes, it might improve physical health, but the stress of the restriction does a number of mental and emotional health, so inevitably it feels like taking one step forward and two steps back.

Whether because of our ego or insecurity of admitting we ‘failed’ I think often we push ourselves through that feeling of “this isn’t me” and just force ourselves to say, “maybe it could be me, maybe I’m just not trying hard enough, I can’t back down, what will people think?” The most genuine people allow themselves to embrace the feeling of “this isn’t me,” reconcile that that is okay, and move towards a goal or a vision that is true to them. The most courageous thing you can do is embrace vulnerability.

All of that to preface my monthly goals and say, “these are my current intentions that set out the directions I wish to grow.” My October goals are as follows.

  • Be kind to others and focus on habituating random acts of kindness. I made apple cinnamon muffins for my work’s morning meeting on Friday and it brought me back to times when I used to do that far more often and I started to wonder where in the last year or two I had lost that. Stepping out of my way to brighten a stranger’s day or just show my appreciation for having a friend or coworker in my life is where I want to focus more of my energy this month.
  • Reconvene the weekend gym girl squad. Prior to the summer, I joined a couple of friends at the gym for a weekend workout almost every week. We would typically do a full body workout or a leg workout that took around two hours but flew by in what felt like 10 minutes. As I try to add more strength training back into my life, this seems like the perfect way to get my butt back in the gym and look forward to indoor workouts again.
  • Take vitamin D every day. I always forget about this but as the sunlight in Alberta gets less and less each day, I know how much my body needs the vitamin supplements. It is a bit less of a ‘wellness’ goal, but it’s something I plan to focus on this month!

What are your October goals?

What is one thing you are looking forward to embracing this season?


  1. I seriously love that you set goals as well! I think you have a very healthy approach – goals are important but I love the reframe that they are “current intentions”. Hope you have a happy October!

  2. My October goals include being better at making my schedule and sticking to it. There’s lots I want to do, and lots on my plate, and sometimes, I get overwhelmed and some things fall by the wayside. It’s not that it’s too much – I think I’m just finally getting to an understanding of what I actually want from my life but the working towards it is hard. I’ll get there. I’ve been really upping the use of my planner and so far, so good! I like your random acts of kindness goal. I think I’m going to hop on that train, too. 🙂

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