Thanksgiving & A Loooooong Run.

Doesn’t it always seem to feel like long weekends go by just as fast as regular ones? I was able to get just the right amount of procrastination and lazy mornings in before tackling the chores I’ve been avoiding, as well as spent a ton of time with wonderful family, friends, and new fur friends. It was a crisp and windy weekend in Alberta, but with only a skiff of snow, we avoided the usual chaos weather that tends to occur on this long weekend.

On Saturday I wanted to tackle a bit of a bigger distance than what I’ve been running lately. Most of my runs during the week were short and after another stressful work week I was ready to put my headphones in, lace up, tune out, and just go. I attempted to stay in the river valley for most of my run so I could stay sheltered from the wind and enjoy the last few whispers of autumn colours that were adorning the trees. It was a tad cool and I needed a wind breaker and long tights, but it was the run I needed.

I had lots of podcasts queued up and I was able to let my mind wander as my legs put in the distance. I felt my hips stiffening up as I finished out the last three miles but for the most part I felt really good. It was nice and slow and I had my jacket covered my watch for most of the run so I didn’t even feel tempted to look at how fast I was running. I just didn’t care. I have been switching up my Asics 1000s and my Brooks Ravennas because I can’t decide which ones I prefer (I need a new pair and can’t decide which to invest in) or if I should continue to rotate and enjoy the change-up. They’ve both been pretty good to me, but I’m leaning towards the lighter, wider Ravennas after having such a successful long run in them.

I genuinely can’t remember what I did the rest of my Saturday.

Must have been good.

On Sunday I ventured to the gym, away from the blowing snow, and did 10km on the treadmill, completing pyramid hill repeats. I did a warm-up at 0%, then did a minute at 1%, then back to 0%. Next I did a minute at 1%, a minute at 2%, back to a minute at 1%, then return to 0% for a minute recovery. Then, 1-2-3-2-1, 1-2-3-4-3-2-1, and finally, 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1. I wasn’t breaking any speed records but it helped pass time on the treadmill to give myself the challenge of the hills.

After showering up from my gym run I drove to my parents’ to pick up my brother and we followed our parents’ out to a family friends’ farm over an hour outside of Edmonton. We spent the afternoon relaxing by the bonfire, snacking, laughing, and VISITING KITTENS. The farm had two cats that had recently given birth to a total of THIRTEEN kittens. They were so tiny and adorable! I am not really a cat person but not even I can resist the cuteness of tiny little kittens. While the feast of a Thanksgiving dinner was being prepared, my brother and I wandered around the farm and he documented the one time this month I put on lipstick.

After eating far too many of the pumpkin donuts that my brother made (yeah, you read that right… be jealous) and spending a lovely evening at the farm with family and family friends, my brother and I hit the highway home.

On Monday I tackled a strength workout and forty minutes on the stairmaster to give my body a tiny break from running. Forty minutes on the stairmaster is 39 more than I need to break a sweat. That thing is killer. I love it. Well, I hate it, but I love it. I’d like to think that the guy on the stairmaster next to me was checking me out or something but I think he was genuinely concerned by how much I was sweating. I showered after my workout and headed out to my boss’s house to visit because he’d truly be ever-so-disappointed if he didn’t get to see me all five days of work this week.

Just kidding.

HE HAS PUPPIES. He casually mentioned last week at work that he had seven chocolate and black lab puppies at his house that were just weeks old. If anyone is looking to win a popularity contest in any setting, I recommend you tell people you have lab puppies. He invited me and a couple of colleagues out to his house to see, cuddle, play, and hang out with the puppies. SIGN ME UP. As my colleagues bailed one by one due to family commitments (I know… lame) I wound up being the only one to visit but that just meant more puppies for me. My boss, his wife, and his kids are absolutely wonderful and we spent almost two hours in their front yard chatting and playing with the puppies. By the end of the afternoon I had four of them sleeping my lap.

My foot fell asleep. One of the puppies peed on me. Quite possibly a second one peed on me. My butt was wet from sitting on the ground. IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I wish there was a puppy program where you can just spend a few hours a week playing with puppies. I would be so much less stressed out. They were just adorable and it was so fun to basically be their chew toy for a couple of hours.

Kittens, puppies, and running, oh my! Tell me about your long weekend?!