TransRockies Run Training Recap: Weeks 5-8!

I remember when I first started working with my absolute favourite supervisor a few months ago and we were drafting our work plan. We started by talking about how a lot of our work is challenging and scary and has a lot of potential, so to do it justice, we needed to set BHAG, or “Big Hairy Audacious Goals.” Jim Collins writes about the concept here, but the idea is that setting a vision should be both terrifying and exciting. This is the exact feeling I get when I think about the TransRockies Run in August. It’s both terrifying and exciting and that’s what makes it such a great goal and vision to have as I set out to train for it.

September was officially the first month with the Aerobic Power crew. Until our official training program begins, we will partake in monthly seminars related to running and more specified as we get closer to the race. This month was an introductory presentation on the TransRockies race from the Race Director himself. The goal was to answer questions from those who were either signed up or thinking about signing up. He talked about what the race is, why we should do it, and what to expect. It was super informational and made me ecstatic that I was already registered and heading there in under a year. The presentation was unfortunately on the day that huge and devastating changes were announced at work and I wasn’t in the greatest head space to stick around for beer and socializing after but I’m glad I went to at least hear more about the run.

I feel like I was just writing my recap for the first four weeks of training. The past few weeks were consistent with running and hiking, though there was absolutely zero speed work or structured workouts. I was thrilled to be able to have so many wonderful autumn runs that I spent my time enjoying the scenery and listening to podcasts instead of doing sprints or intervals. I had one of my scariest running experiences EVER during these four weeks, where I ran into a bison, and I’m working to balance teaching spin class and running in order to add a dose of strength training as well through the winter.

Here is what weeks 5 to 8 looked like for me!

Week 5 – September 11 – 17, 2017 – 33.12 miles

Monday: 60 minute spin class

Tuesday: 60 minute spin class

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6.42 mile run (9:09 min/mile)

Friday: 6.0 miles (8:58 min/mile)

Saturday: 10.5 trail miles (~10:10 min/mile)

Sunday: 10.2 miles (9:29 min/mile)

Week 6 – September 18 – 24, 2017 – 26.03 miles

Monday: 60 minute spin class

Tuesday: 60 minute spin class + 4.0 miles (9:18 min/mile)

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6.0 miles (9:23 min/mile)

Friday: 12.16 miles (9:24 min/mile)

Saturday: Fisher Peak hiking 3.87 miles (2402 ft. elevation gain)

Sunday: 3.0 mile walk

Week 7 – September 25 – October 1, 2017 – 30.83 miles

Monday: 60 minute spin class

Tuesday: 60 minute spin class

Wednesday: 7.0 miles (8:48 min/mile)

Thursday: 4.3 miles (8:30 min/mile)

Friday: 4.45 miles (8:32 min/mile)

Saturday: 12.08 miles (9:31 min/mile)

Sunday: 3.0 miles (8:46 min/mile) + 30 minutes strength training + 30 minutes stairmaster intervals

Week 8 – October 2 – 8, 2017 – 32.75 miles

Monday: 60 minute spin class

Tuesday: 60 minute spin class

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 4.01 miles (9:17 min/mile)

Friday: 6.04 miles (9:02 min/mile)

Saturday: 16.28 miles (9:42 min/mile)

Sunday: 6.42 miles (8:36 min/mile) treadmill hill pyramids


Latest gear purchase: “Soul Pancake” by Rainn Wilson. Okay, so not technically a gear purchase but it is something that has helped me connect my soul back to running and why I enjoy it so much so I can practice not losing that.

Favourite fuel: GFB (Gluten-Free Bites) in Dark Chocolate Coconut

Proudest moment: Safely escaping the bison.

What I’m working to improve: Strength training that doesn’t leave me sore for days

Feeling about TRR: Cautiously confident about how I managed to have a solid four weeks of consistent running.