Friday Favourites: November 2017.

This week has completely escaped me! I have had a crazy busy work week and cannot believe it is almost the weekend! I actually will be traveling to Calgary and back today so it’s another busy work day but that just means I will be 147% ready for the weekend when I get home tonight! I am checking in today with my favourites of the month, things I am loving in November!

  • Mini resistance bands. The strength program that I’ve been using to become a stronger runner includes lateral shuffle with mini resistance bands around my legs, above my knees and at my ankles. It is SO HARD. I have graduated from the green bands to the red bands but it is honestly such a killer exercise.

  • PRO Compression mid socks. I am trying to run as much as possible outside but some days I just want to be in shorts and not three layers of clothing, or the temperature dips below -18C, my arbitrary cutoff, and I want to run indoors. I am loving the PRO Compression mid socks and I tried to find some fun ones to run in. I haven’t worn these ones yet, but how cute are the rainbow stripes!

  • I forgot about the show Mr. D and over the past weekend I caught up on the most recent season. SO FUNNY. I think Gerry Dee is pretty hilarious, and a really fun Twitter follow, but this show is even better. I think it helps that my mom is a teacher so all of the plot lines actually have some semblance to regular teaching experiences that she’s had and I’ve heard about.

  • Starbucks Christmas blend. I thought about reserving this ‘favourite’ for December but I am just too excited about this! Starbucks Christmas blend and Espresso blends are my absolute favourite and it has made my occasional morning coffee purchase (okay, that’s a lie… my frequent morning coffee purchase) even more delightful!

  • This is a very ‘Type A’ favourite but without lists and agendas and organization, I feel like I am a complete mess. I am a huge fan of the knock knock notepad series that is available at Chapters. I just bought the ‘This Weekend’ planning notepad and have a series of others that I use at work. THE BEST.

That’s all for today! I suppose another favourite would be bags of frozen fruit that I use to ice my legs. I have some pain in my left shin that I am hoping is just shin splints or something lame like that, but I have been carefully foam rolling, stretching, and icing every night. I will probably take a week or so off of running to make sure I let my body do what it needs to do to heal, and take it from there! Who needs ice packs when you have frozen produce. 😉

What are you loving this month?