Goal So Hard: November.

Just one day late on this whole ‘start of November’ thing. Wouldn’t you believe it that November hits and just like that it is full blown winter here. On Tuesday it started snowing and it hasn’t really stopped since then. I have a huge appreciation for being able to walk to work and not drive in the snow. On a sunny day or a snowy day, my commute is the same 32 minutes. The snow and ‘winter feel’ has radically shifted what I see my intentions and goals as for November. I’m much less ‘run all the miles and be outside’ and more, hone your strengths and take wellness seriously during the darkest and coldest months of the year!

I did really well with my October goals in the first half of the month and then my vitamin D intake has been moderately sporadic since then. Considering how lengthy our autumn weather was (number of days below zero degrees Celsius… 1?) I had the chance to extend and build on the wonderful September running season. I have been slowly digging out the toques, mittens, and jackets, but it has been an unreal month of running. That does however mean that my time in the gym to build strength has been delayed. I didn’t get back to my intended gym workouts because every evening was an opportunity to run outside in the warm air and I am so glad I took advantage of it. Onward and upward to November goals!

Attend Run Collective every Wednesday evening. All five Wednesdays.

It might just be because I’m still on a run high from tonight’s Run Collective but it was literally the only thing getting me out onto the snowy sidewalks tonight and therefore I think I need it in my life to keep up with some fresh air miles. I actually dragged was joined by a coworker who lives super close to me and we ran over to Run Collective together, ran at our individual paces in the group, then ran back together, hitting over ten miles. Not bad for a weekday run! It was awesome and I think it’ll keep my motivation going for winter running.

Complete my ‘runner’s strength workout’ twice a week. 

Guys, this whole run coach thing is getting real and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s actually still super informal and our training program doesn’t start until the spring but on Sunday my run coach gave our group a strength training program to work on through the next couple months to build up a bit more strength and increase our mobility so we’re reading to hit the ground running in March. We went through the program together in his gym so we could ask questions, learn how to do everything properly, and ensure we had a good understanding of the why for each exercise and the sequence. I am aiming to work on this twice a week to compliment my running and it’s great I finally have a strength training plan that is built for runners!

Volunteer at least once this month.

I know this sounds like a very small amount of time, and it is, but it’s a place to start. I have a varied and sporadic history with volunteering it’s been on my mind lately as something I can dedicate more of my time and energy to. I think volunteering is an incredible way to give back to your community, make connections, and make a difference. I haven’t decided where this will happen this month but opportunities are everywhere and I’m really excited about it.

Time to get down to business. With only two months until 2018 I’m ready to bring home these goals and I’m loving the more clear specificity in my workouts. The running spark has lasted all summer and this winter I feel will be about honing those strengths and using the ‘off season’ (not that I had an ‘on’ season but you know what I mean) to get stronger and faster. It’s exciting!


  1. I’d love to hear more about the runners strength workout after you’ve given it a try a few times!

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