I miss the mountains, but CHRISTMAS!

I miss the mountains so much. I haven’t escaped for weeks now and I am feeling the need to get back. I actually was briefly in Stoney Nakoda on Friday for work and my colleagues and I drove down Highway 40 to spend just a couple moments in the mountains in Kananaskis before we drove all the way back to Edmonton. It gave me a taste of fresh mountain air but I definitely need to get back! I am finally getting my winter tires on this week so I’ll be ready for the winter roads! Instead of being outside all weekend, I tried to bring the outdoors in.

I have some pain in my lower left leg so I have actually taken almost a week off of exercise to try and let my body heal. It’s amazing how embedded exercise is in my life because it felt harder NOT working out this weekend than it ever does to workout. I am crossing my fingers that it is muscular and not anything close to a fracture, but it’s taking it’s sweet time feeling any better so I’m just taking it day by day. Without exercise in my schedule I had a whole lot of time to decorate my apartment for Christmas!

It’s really fun starting out in an apartment with an eclectic collection of decor from my childhood and the opportunity to buy for my current taste and stage in life. With no real time commitments I didn’t feel rushed when I was shopping and out and about which is perfect for one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. Don’t go in with a plan or limit or time commitment… I always get frustrated when I do that. Typically I avoid the malls and shopping centres as much as possible every weekend from now until Christmas but I had such a great experience this weekend with my ‘low expectations’ relaxed approach.

I found parking spots close to the entrances. (I am going to attribute that specific success to Jo’s tactic of simply acknowledging that it will happen and visualizing it… manifesting what you are looking for). I found a few ‘perfect’ gifts for my family and friends. I met cute lulu salesmen and lingered longer than necessary feigning distress and required assistance. Yes, I definitely indulged in some retail therapy to sooth my anxiety over my possible running injury. I think I created the most delightful cozy winter space!

I am embracing kindness wherever I go at this time of year because I think we all need it. It’s stressful, busy, cold, and dark this season and so I am making it my mission to be extra kind, extra patient, extra generous, and extra genuine. I have already started to feel the effects of not seeing the daylight for the entire workweek and thus it has become so important to me to step away from my desk, be outside, even just for two minutes. Even when it feels like I am far too busy at my desk to be gone, the world won’t end if I take a tiny piece of time for myself to get vitamin D, sunshine, and fresh air.

Whether this is a serious injury or not, I am taking any pressure off of myself. You can’t give your body a timeline to heal… no matter what you write in your training journal or in your calendar, your body is like, ‘okay, cool… but like, imma do my thing here.’ For now, I’ll just spend time in my adorable decorated apartment. šŸ™‚

Have you decorated for Christmas? Do you have a ‘theme’?

What are the traditions you are looking forward to during the holidays?


  1. I decorated this weekend too! I hiked on Thursday and Friday and then decorated on Saturday and Sunday (and rested too). It was such a good weekend!

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