My Christmas 2017 Wishlist.

Christmas wish lists aren’t as fun when you’re not six years old spending hours with your brother circling toys in the Sears Wishbook that you’re going to ask Santa for for Christmas. Nevertheless, I present to you, the millennial version of a Christmas wishlist… a series of links to online shops. I casually cc’d my parents in my email wishlist to Santa. “Oh no! Did I accidentally include you in this email?! So strange. Ugh, you know me and technology!” Let’s get on with the wishlist (and let’s be real, these are dream gifts and moderately expensive. I’d seriously be happy if I got almond butter for Christmas. Really. That shit is expensive).

  • North Face Thermoball Parka II. I currently am decked out in my brother’s old winter jacket and taking advantage of his high closet turnover and online shopping problem. I walk to work every day and while I do enjoy the odd burning sensation I get every day when my butt cheeks thaw out after my walk, I would really appreciate a longer jacket.

  • Ciele Athletics Qckcap Sublime (Women’s). For running, for hiking, for adventuring, for pretending I’m on top of the latest outdoor enthusiast fitness fashion trends. I kind of dig these colours too.

  • I think United by Blue is a super cool brand. It’s right up there with TenTree for me and I like that MEC sells both brands now. Their graphic tees are incredible but those are arguably hard for Santa to guess how they will fit, which is not the case for these amazing mugs. I have a mug problem.

  • Patagonia Black Hole duffel bag. Two reasons I have added this to my wish list: 1. I used to steal my dad’s Northface 70L duffel bag all the time for trips and travel because I loved it so much and 2. after watching The Ginger Runner’s vlogs I have this obsession with his aqua blue and orange Patagonia duffel bag that he travels with. I know, random.

  • While they are pretty pricey, I find the 3-wick Bath & Body Works candles last forever! I am still burning the lemon one I bought in the summer! I have since switched it out for a cinnamon clove Christmas-esque one but you can never have enough candles. My favourite scents are vanilla, cinnamon, and any type of tree. I think we can all agree that ‘campfire donut’ is the most intriguing scent you’ve ever seen. Yes, please, I like both of those things.

  • Last, but certainly not least, I am waiting somewhat impatiently for Champs Boxing Studio to open in Edmonton. I try to get to Rumble in Calgary whenever I’m there and now we are getting our own similar studio in Edmonton! Cue the *hallelujah* sound drop. I cannot wait to go, so as soon as they start selling passes I will forward the link to Santa.

I have exactly 26 days to ensure a secured spot on the ‘nice’ list so I guess I should get cracking. I mean, sarcasm can’t possibly put me on the naughty list right? Right? Oh boy, I have so much work to do. Mom, if you’re reading this and you’ve already deleted your email, don’t worry, I’ve printed a copy and laminated it and posted it on your fridge. 😉


  1. Oh my god that mug! I need that! I also have a mug problem FYI. But is that really a problem? 😉 Also, I definitely do the same exact thing when I send a wish list to my parents. I once visited North Pole, AK and sent my parents a postcard from Santa that basically told them I was on the nice list and they needed to get me cool stuff for Christmas. They actually thought it was pretty funny!

  2. I get wool socks for Xmas & unfortunately I can’t afford to buy Xmas gifts…I struggle with this because I wish I could for my family and it’s fun & nice. Sad but many people can’t.

    I hope you’re grateful, I mean truly grateful (not cutesy oh-my-gosh grateful) and aware that exists around you. Eye opening to me who used to be unaware.

    Fun finds though 🙂

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