Planning for 2018 Races!

Over the past weekend I joined a couple of friends for their Saturday long run. They are beginning the early base building and training for a summer marathon and we chatted about races, training, and plans for 2018. It has been a hot minute since I have done any formal training for a race… like, fall of 2015 when I ran the Chicago Marathon in fact, and I’m excited to put some running goals back on the table. I’ve begun planning for 2018 running and races because as you know I have signed up for the TransRockies Run in August and I want to plan for and around that run. I’m super excited to train and race again, keeping in mind that my best race ever was after a ‘f*ck it’ training cycle where I ran when and how fast I wanted on any given day and threw structure out the window.

I have registered for two runs so far in 2018: the first one I list below, a spring goal so I have something to look towards when training through the winter, and my BHAG of the TransRockies Run in August. The rest of the runs listed are races that I’m either thinking about or just waiting for registration to open!

Nimble Bear – April 21, 2018 – 25K Trail Race

This race is one that another runner has recommended as a super fun weekend in Kelowna and an awesome spring race to put on your list that will keep you training hard throughout the winter. I honestly don’t have any goal times for any of the races I’m chatting about today because I have never done a trail race before and want to have no expectations going in – just to finish! I have registered for the 25K race in this one and am really excited to kick off the season in BC!

Blackfoot Ultra – May 26, 2018 – 25K Trail Race

One of the best parts about this race is that it’s local! Just steps away from the city, the Blackfoot Ultra course is run at the Blackfoot Lake and Cooking Lake trails in the Provincial Park east of Edmonton. It’s nice because if I so choose I can spend my weekends training on these trails in preparation for the race. My plan is to tackle the 25K course in this one!

Rundle’s Revenge – June 24, 2018 – 50K Trail Race

Another race in the TransRockies race series, Rundle’s Revenge is held in Canmore each year as a mountain biking and/or running event. I know lots of people who have done this race and I can’t think of a better excuse to hang out in Canmore for the weekend. My run coach has given options for this one as a lead up to TransRockies Run in August – if we’re running the 25K we are going to make it a back-to-back weekend and do another trail run the day before in the mountains and if we’re doing the 50K we’ll take it easy the day before. I’m relatively undecided with this one but it might be fun to tackle my first 50K!

Skyline Trail – July 2018 – Complete run in 1-day

I didn’t wind up making it out to Skyline this year and probably for the best as I know I can be better prepared to plan a trip out next year. I think the training group for TransRockies is going to head out one weekend in July and complete the Skyline Trail – a 44km one-way run in Jasper National Park. From what I’ve heard it’s not a ‘ton’ of elevation gain but definitely a grind to complete this in a day.

TransRockies Run – August 13-19, 2018 – 120-mile staged Trail Run

You’re going to hear so much about this one all year so I don’t know if I need to share more, but this is the goal of the year and likely my big ‘summer vacation’ of the year too. Crazy people spend their vacations running 120 miles.

Mount Robson Marathon – September 8, 2018 – 50K Trail Race

I have this on my list just because it is a trail I’ve wanted to do for a couple years now. I plan to hike and camp it with my dad, but another option is to run it in the annual Mount Robson Marathon (which is actually an ultramarathon). September is a fun month for races because the craziness of summer in the mountains has moderately died down and it’s like that last burst before winter hibernating begins.

LuluLemon Seawheeze – September 22, 2018 – Half Marathon

If I get in. The biggest barrier for this one is actually getting in to the race! I’ve never attempted the madness of race registration but I just can’t avoid the hype of this race and kind of want to do it to just experience it. Plus, I can never have enough excuses to travel to Vancouver. While most people are upset about the change in timing for this race, now held in September and not August, I for one am ecstatic about it!

I want to partake in the 5 Peaks Race Series and the MEC Road Races and MEC Trail Races as they are local, less expensive, and a great way to meet people in your city who like to do the same things you do… aka. run!

There we have it. Races that I’ve been thinking about and planning for over the next year. While not all of them are set in stone, and obviously so much can happen that can change these plans, I’m excited to have been bitten by the race bug again. Looking at this list of races I think about two things… 1. Money. Racing isn’t cheap, particularly when you want to run in the mountains! It will take some planning to tackle these races and the logistics and costs of them! 2. Training smart. For me, this is a hefty list of races and it is going to take not just a lot of training, but smart training to tackle this entire list injury-free and with a smile on my face at the end of the year. For me, it’s about the little things. I can do the running, but I extra things like mobility, rolling, stretching, and recovery are the ones that matter more.

What does your race calendar look like for 2018?

Have you registered for any races in 2018?

Have you started goal setting for the new year?


  1. Nimble Bear – amazing, you and Kerri will have a blast!
    Rundle’s – let’s tackle the 50km together!
    Skyline – we’re definitely going!
    Seawheeze – I’m going to try and get in too!

    1. 1. Right?! I think it’ll be fun. Plus, single-track? Hell yes!
      2. Yay!! Okay!
      3. I’m super excited for this one!
      4. Does anyone know when registration is yet?!

  2. You’re a machine and my hero.

    I’m trying to get into Seawheeze too!! Let’s tag team it and try to get us both registered. If we get in, we’ll obvs run it together too. I don’t even care about doing well, I just want to enjoy the entire weekend experience and beautiful scenery.

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