Pretending I was at ‘Run Camp.’

I had a lovely extra-long weekend at home over the past four days and while I didn’t get to most of my to-do’s out of sheer laziness, I did get some decent running in! It kind of felt like I was participating in my own little run camp because I had four straight days of running, with strength training, foam rolling, good food, and recovery mixed in. I think weekend run camps would be a fun thing to plan and host, particularly local ones that don’t cost a lot and can get people out and exploring their own city as well as learning more about running and connecting with new friends to run with! A running camp might be better suited for the spring though because I spent 15% of my time running and 85% of my time warming up after my runs this weekend.


On Friday I did a few errands and some of them ended up being near my parents’ house and close to routes I used to run when I lived there. I decided to bring my running gear and hit up the trails where I trained for my first half marathon here and it was fun to reminisce as I ran. It was overcast and chilly but I had a descent long-ish run, covering 15K of paved trails.

Later Friday afternoon I had a massage. One of the major reasons I was so excited for my massage is that they keep the massage table and blankets super warm and I just wanted to warm up! It was heaven and despite the painful attempt at getting the knots out of my shoulders, it was the perfect way to start a weekend. It was more painful than normal and there was a lot of extra tightness in my legs which I think can be attributed to running on ice and snow lately – I’m using such different muscles! All good run camps have massages!


Late Friday evening I saw on Instagram that a running friend was preparing for a slow and steady long run the next day and I knew we ran similar paces so I messaged her to see if I could jump in! She was running with her training partner so the three of us met up early Saturday morning as the sun was rising and took off for a 17km workout. Her coach has been emphasizing the importance of warm up and cool down so we made sure to take our time with each. We did 3km warm up super easy, 12km of steady running at 9:00 min/mile, and then a 2km cool down. It was a gorgeous morning, blue sky and sunny, and running with a group made it go by so freaking fast!

After stopping at Starbucks for an americano misto, I made my way home and prepared a delicious brunch of sweet potato fritters and cheddar scones. I lazed around, stretched, foam rolled, and then headed to my gym for a strength training session. I’m using the strength program that my run coach gave me, adapting it to the equipment I have or how busy the gym is and how much space I can use at any given time. This one I threw in an extra set of walking lunges… aka HELL. My glutes were on fire for the next two days!


On Sunday I had another lazy morning and after being so bitterly cold on my last two runs, I caved and hit up the treadmill for my recovery run. By the end of the week my goal was to hit 36 miles so I had just over five and a half to go to hit that goal. After walking lunges and a good leg strength session the day before, not to mention the 17km long run, my glutes and quads were pretty tired but the recovery run felt good. I hopped off the treadmill and did a few of the exercises from the strength program that I had missed the day before like chin-ups, shoulder press, and single-leg deadlifts.


My final day of the weekend and last day of the fake ‘run camp.’ I actually put on indoor running clothes, grabbed by gym bag, and walked out of my apartment to head to the gym and run on the treadmill but as I walked outside I realized it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be and I could tough it out. I literally turned around and walked back into my apartment, changed my clothes, layered up, and hit the pavement. It was a bit windy but I had thankfully only planned a shorter run! I’m glad I didn’t run inside even if I had to make a hot lunch to warm up!

After a lovely day of random errands, good food, and trying to avoid the snow, I taught spin class Monday night. Before spin class I did a quick 25 minutes of core. It’s one thing I slack on during the full-body program so I dedicated an entire mini strength session to it. After a good week of running it was nice to hop on the bike and cycle for an hour but I made sure to do lots of foam rolling and stretching after. It was a tough spin class and I could tell my legs were pretty tired!

It was fun to treat this weekend as a time to spend focusing on exercise and being able to do my workouts when and where I want. Most days I fit things in where I can which is either early morning or later in the evening after work. I had a lot of mid-day workouts because that is when I could be fuelled and feel energized and hydrated and ready to tackle a workout. We also have about 8 hours of light each day now so instead of being in the dark, I got to run every day in the daylight! I think after this weekend I am ready for another massage though…

What did you get up to this weekend?

Would you be interested in local ‘run camps’?

What is your favourite brunch food?