Thinking Out Loud Thursday #118!

Good morning wonderful people! Today I’m linking up with the wonderful Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! Can you believe I’ve written 118 of these? Let’s chat and ramble a bit now!

I’m extra excited today because not only is it my Friday and my weekend starts no later than 4:30pm this afternoon, but it is a long awaited rest day from exercise. I was asked to teach an ‘Intro to Spin’ workshop on Friday night last week when I was planning to take a rest day and ended up exercising a lot over the last few weeks. My body is at the point where it is craving a day off and I feel like I’ve been putting in the work and have that satisfied and accomplished feeling, ready for a mental break as well. It’s so fun to have goals to look to in 2018 and feel like I’m working towards something! I know that’s not the ‘goal’ of wellness and exercise, but it has completely added a pep to my step… literally.

It helps that I feel like I’m finding a community of people who are there to support me, run with me, share goals, and work hard. Last night I met up with two friends who live within a few blocks of me, so we could run across the river to join up with Run Collective, and then we ran home. It was about -12C (10F) and definitely a crisp and wintery run, but we covered 10.7 miles around the city, chatting, laughing at how crazy we looked running on this frigid night, and supporting each other when our finger tips were freezing and threatening to fall off. It was a blast!

Speaking of it being freaking cold… I love the weather app WTForecast. It gives me a much needed laugh when I go to check the current temperatures and see that it is cold as hell. Once I check it and it was -17C and it said, “It’s cold as penguins’ balls today. Good luck.” Hahaha.

I am struggling with finding the nutritional adjustments I need to make for winter long runs. I tend to not drink as much water, but also feel more crampy and ill when I do try and drink water. On Saturday after my cold long run, I felt sick for a few hours and it took lots of water, one giant glass of Nuun (triberry flavour is da bomb), and laying in my bed for a bit to feel ‘normal’ again. I think I was pretty dehydrated and lacking electrolytes so I need to find out how to take that on the run EVEN when it’s cold.

On another note, when I get that post-long run nausea and have to take time before eating anything, I am rocking some kickass smoothies and juices.

I don’t watch a ton of TV but I have been obsessed lately with Trevor Noah’s comedy. I have watched almost every clip of his from Comedy Central and then I stumbled upon a gem of his standup. One of my favourites is his bit on escalators, but this one might be even better. I almost peed myself.

I am looking forward to a four-day weekend and my mission is to explore some new-to-me trails around the city. I am waiting to head to the mountains until I can get my snow tires on my vehicle (yes, it takes the prompting of the first half foot of snow falling for me to get my tires changed) so for the time being I am city-bound and going to take advantage of that. I know that Edmonton has a lot to offer when it comes to places to run and in order to keep my winter running momentum I think I need to find places that I love exploring.

Your turn – tell me something random and on your mind this week!


  1. I love that Trevor Noah taco bit. So funny! You should totally read his book “Born a Crime”. It is so good. Funny in parts, but mostly it makes you think.

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