Weekend Recap: Tired legs, pizza, & shopping.

After a couple of days in which the temperature reached above zero degrees Celsius, it has plummeted again. This morning, as I get ready for work, it is almost -30C with the windchill. Dear universe, WTF. It was nice that the warmer days fell on the weekend though! On Saturday I managed to get in three different workouts! I started at the gym with a strength workout, using the program my coach gave me, though I kept setting up circuits and then getting kicked out of spaces for class use. It took me about 35 minutes to complete the workout before I hit the track. Yep, I ran indoors.

Instead of using the treadmill, I decided to run on the track for a softer surface. I find my running form changes much more dramatically on the treadmill so I wanted to simulate as much of my outdoor running form as possible while I was being a baby and running indoors. I did a few fartleks and then caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while who ran the last 5k of my 10k run with me! It was so nice to have company, particularly as I did lap after lap after lap of the track. I think I played the song ‘up in this‘ by blackbear about 53 times in a row. Can we also just take a second to check out my new PRO Compression mid socks. I LOVE THEM. I was skeptical of the length because typically I’m a low (no show) or calf sleeve kind of girl but these are just too fun.

After my strength workout and run I went to pick up my mom so we could go to our friend Tara’s yoga class. I know, me… I did yoga. *gasp* She is an amazing teacher and it was a small class so I was less intimidated than I normally am in a yoga class. I tend to love yoga classes that leave me feeling like I got a good stretch in. For some, they want yoga to be a workout, they want to feel their muscles working hard in every class but yoga to me is a chance to breath, move, slow down, and stretch and lengthen.

I did some Christmas shopping and browsing for a few hours with my mom, then a bit more solo, rounding out a day of being out-and-about with grocery shopping. By the time I got home, I had completed three workouts and had a banana as fuel in that time and was starving. Enter, pizza.

On Sunday I was actually up early to get a run in. While I did bail on the 6:30am group run, (who da f*ck runs that early on a Sunday?) I made it out the door before 8:30am. An easy 9+ miles in slushy soggy streets that felt pretty good. It’s crazy how hard some sections of the run were as it felt like I was running through sand! Hitting a clear paved sidewalk was like a bolt of energy and felt like I could run so much faster!

I wanted to take it pretty easy as my calves have been feeling really tight lately. I think the added winter running dynamics and lack of stretching or rolling to keep up with that has been rough on them so my goal on Sunday evening was to take time stretching and rolling.

I decided I didn’t want to use my car on Sunday to do some more errands and shopping so I walked around the city. I did over 12km of walking around the city and by the time I got home I was exhausted and cold! I absolutely demolished my step goal though.

Do people still keep meticulous track of their steps? I feel like that was a really long-lasting fad but is Fitbit still as popular as it once was a couple years ago? Nevertheless, an active and tiring weekend but I wanted to take advantage of the relatively warmer weather!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty great weekend.
    I definitely don’t track my steps anymore. I figure I’m active enough, and if I’m taking a rest day I didn’t need my watch telling my “you’re a little off today” hahaha.

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