Goal So Hard: December.

Okay, woah. This is my last monthly goal post for 2017. Before you know it, I’ll be writing my goals for 2018! I am feeling a tad hesitant about writing goals for December because my goals for November took quite a hit and were largely left unaccomplished. I am taking it as a sign that I need to slow my roll for a bit when it comes to training and fitness – or at least my shins and calves are screaming at me to do so. If I’m being totally honest, I am really enjoying the break.

I set out to head to Run Collective over a week ago and ended up running about 2 miles with moderate pain in my shins, stopping, and walking home. Having had both shin splints and a stress fracture in the past, I know how shitty it is to pretend you don’t have an injury for too long only to wind up taking triple the time off because you disregarded your body’s warnings. I have spent the last week and a half taking it really easy, enjoying multiple days off, foam rolling and icing my ass off, and visiting my physiotherapist and massage therapist. As I sign up for some pretty big goals in 2018, the last thing I wanted was to start the year with an injury. Better to recover now than to push myself too hard and pay for it later.

Luckily, when I went to my physiotherapist my fear of having a stress fracture was put at ease. She warned me that the extent of inflammation in the muscles of my calves and shins was a sign that I was well on my way to a stress fracture. Talk about scared straight. As we head into the last month of the year, I am ready to enjoy the holiday season and enjoy a variety of workouts before more intense work starts in the new year! Plus, gingerbread heals injuries right?

  • Set clear intentions for 2018. This isn’t about numbers or hitting a certain goal, it is about truly doing a deep dive in self-reflection and identifying what is important to me, where my path is, and aligning myself strongly with it. Not specific to fitness, but all aspects of life.
  • Try one new workout or studio or class. I am planning to venture out of my comfort zone to a new fitness class or sport or activity. I did this once for barre class and then tackled 20 more classes after that because I was so hooked!
  • Plank-mas. A plank a day for 31 days. Because I hate planks and what would this merry month of December be without me bitterly complaining about core exercises.

It is frustrating to not be running right now, but it would be even more frustrating if I had to not run for months. Perspective. As I mentioned, I am also kind of not-so-secretly loving a bit of time off. My physiotherapist encouraged as much activity as I mentally needed to survive, but nothing that had the impact of running. Hot chocolate and a Christmas movie instead of an evening running in the dark and frozen streets of YEG… don’t mind if I do… for now.


  1. Oh no – I hope your leg heals up really quickly and you’re not on your way to a stress fx. Seriously, the worst. I still feel mine from time to time.
    You need more Rumble in your life too!!! SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND. We’ve never been apart for this long eh?

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