Goals for 2018.

I am really looking forward to 2018! I think in the last few years I’ve started to understand how to better align my life with who I am and who I truly want to be. I think it’s an exercise in trusting my intuition, my gut… simply trusting myself. Making decisions, we often turn externally to look for what we ‘should’ be doing and it’s a difficult but necessary switch to look internally and find what we want to be doing. It feels much more ‘flowy’ when you are making decisions and living a path that align with you who you are.

I agree with the resolution-haters that you shouldn’t wait for a specific day to make your life better, do more things that make you happy, or take a step in the direction to improved health or fitness. It’s silly to delay health or happiness. Yes, a lot of resolutions fail. Most of them, in fact. What about the ones that don’t? What about the people who get through January, February, and are forming habits for a better life? Even if it’s 2% of the resolutions that are successful, why can’t we celebrate those 2%? January 1st is on a Monday this year… a new year, a new month, a new week. If that doesn’t scream possibility and a perfect time to face a fear, bite the bullet on a change you’ve been ruminating on, or set yourself on a path to success, I don’t know what is. I’m really happy to share my 2018 goals today!

This year has a lot of potential. I have some big goals for trail running and running in general, but I also feel like there is so much left open as to what this year could bring. Like I said in last year’s goals, my goals for the year are really about me pushing myself to grow and learn. For me, a new year is an opportunity to reflect and realign myself with where I want to be (in life, career, fitness, and more), be brave, face a fear or two, and challenge myself to find ways to be a happier human.

  • Sit less, take my lunch break more. It saddens me that many careers, including my own, are done from a desk looking at a screen for 8 hours a day. As someone who likes walking and moving (like any other human being does), it’s really difficult to sit for such long periods at a time. While I have mentioned before that my workplace doesn’t overwhelmingly support an active workday or workplace health, the more I have reflected on it, the more I have realized that it is up to me, as a part of this workplace, to change that. By succumbing to the ‘norms’ around the office, I am perpetuating the problem and making it more difficult for others like me, who want change, to role model this change. It is a major goal of mine to role model the work day I believe in and one that I need to be a happier, healthier employee and colleague.
  • Fitnessocialize. One of the best things about finding Run Collective this year, or getting more involved in group runs, was discovering the power of fitnessocialization. *not an actual word. Running or working out with friends is hard to beat. Yep, there are some days when I want nothing but a solo run to clear my mind and get away from people, but other days there is nothing that helps my physical and mental health more than a run with friends. My goal is to continue this in 2018 and do even more of it.
  • Read 52 books this year & take a course or learn a new skill. I get bored really easily and I hate not being challenged. Reading and learning new things are a huge part of who I am so I want to continue this in 2018. I wouldn’t say this is a dramatic change to things I’m already doing, but more a commitment to keeping this in my life. One of the best things I did in 2017 was take the ‘Indigenous Canada‘ course (highly recommended!!) and I am excited to find a new course to take in 2018.

There we have it, my goals, or intentions, for 2018. They are super simple and don’t really following the ‘smart’ goals rules of being measurable, but my main goal is to continuously reflect and align myself on the path I want my life to be.

Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to a happy, healthy, joyful 2018. 


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