I SURVIVED. (A minor cold, ha).

I’M BACK. I feel like I’ve lost touch with civilization as I have slept for about 2.5 of the last 4 days. As I was sitting in a meeting room last week, I was surrounded by colleagues coughing and sniffling and I knew I was doomed. I tried my hardest to avoid it, but with the insanely high flu rates and many different colds and viruses making the rounds (particularly in Alberta), it was tough to stay healthy! On Thursday afternoon I started feeling a tickle in my throat and therefore, in a completely not-dramatic way, starting passively aggressively accusing my colleagues of trying to kill me by coming to work sick.

Friday I knew things were getting worse, and when my friend Shawn and I went for dinner and to see the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, I casually popped copious throat lozenges and smelled delightfully like Fishermen’s Friend the entire evening at the theatre. As a side note – the film festival was INCREDIBLE and I highly recommend seeing it if it comes to a city near you! You can check it out and find tickets here. I woke up Saturday, after about 11 hours of sleep, and felt like I was approaching death.

I had zero energy and I basically moved from my bed to my couch throughout the day, and watched about four movies. At one point I put pants on so I could go out and buy more sore throat tea and Neocitron, and I walked about 100ft to London Drugs, and when I got home I was so exhausted I napped for 2 hours. It was one of those days where all you want to do is go outside in the sunshine and warm temperatures and run or walk but you get tired just thinking about that. You really appreciate being able to breath through your nose, and your healthy lung capacity when you get sick.

Sunday was much of the same, though I did get out for a short walk with my mom. I needed a bit of fresh air and the hour in the sunshine was great for my mental health but again, I went home and laid down for a few hours after that bout of activity. In order to practice what I preach, I emailed my manager and team and let them know I wouldn’t be in Monday morning… though I left out the, “because you assholes refused to take your sick days and put MY health at risk.” I spent much of Monday the same way I spent my weekend, watching Ryan Gosling movies, drinking excessive amounts of tea, and sleeping.

On Monday I also started taking naturopathic antiviral pills that my friend recommended, containing things like dandelion root, various herbs, cinnamon root, and licorice root. They were supposedly a ‘cure all’ that would help within 24 hours of taking them. Skeptical would be an understatement.

In my stubborn ways, I thought I could push it and start to force myself better, or at least sweat out some of the illness, and I taught spin Monday night. I then proceeded to cough so hard I lost my voice. I emailed my colleagues again and let them know I wouldn’t be in Tuesday either. Wouldn’t you know it, but when I woke up Tuesday, after many hours of sleep, my lungs felt incredible. I could breath through my nose. I felt a lot better, and while it could just be the natural progression of the cold, I have to give some credit to the magic voodoo flu pills my friend gave me.

I took it easy all day Tuesday and am now easing back into workouts and work and life in general. Crazy how hard that cold knocked me down, and I definitely do not envy those who caught the flu or worse illnesses this season. I had some serious FOMO perusing Strava and seeing how many people were absolutely smashing their runs and outdoor workouts on the weekend. I’m hoping this warmer weather sticks around for a bit!!

The best cold remedies from my last four days… in my medicine cabinet:

  • Nature’s Sunshine’s HPR-C capsules (link)
  • Traditional Medicines Throat Coat seasonal tea (link)
  • Fishermen’s Friend Honey-Lemon Sucrose-free (link)
  • Neocitran Night Cold & Flu Extra Strength (link)

Plus, the essentials, vanilla frozen greek yogurt… and Ryan Gosling movies.

Stay healthy, friends!


  1. I got the flu from one of the children from the Park District I work for. I went woke up on last Thursday morning feeling awful and I went to work, not knowing I had the flu. I told myself that if I still felt awful on Friday, then I’d call in sick. I went to the doctor and got Tamiflu on Friday night, after texting my boss that I had the flu and told him I wasn’t going to go to work the next morning. I slept, watched awful tv, ate chicken soup and crackers. I went back to work on Monday

  2. Do Gosling movies help? The only one I’ve seen is the notebook and it made my nose run. And my eyes.

    Feel better soon!

  3. I’m happy to hear you’re recovering! Next time you’re under the weather please don’t hesitate to give me a shout and I can bring over whatever you need from London Drugs. 😉 I really don’t mind!

  4. Sorry you had to get that horrible flu, Kris. Had a mild case in Nov. and then it came back and hit me with a vengeance in Dec., it has been 6 weeks and I am still stuffy. Never left the house for 8 days, But feel good now. 9 more sleeps!

  5. Lol! I’m glad you’re feeling better. It’s crazy how many people have been sick, hey? I’ve been fighting a chest/sinus virus for 10 days that’s drained so much of my energy.

    I’m looking forward to our potential hang at the beginning of Feb!!! It’s been so long. What shall we do?!

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