Monthly Favourites: January 2018.

It is that time of the month again… no no, not THAT time of the month, the time of the month where I write about some of my favourites – books, gear, foods – over the past month. I feel like I’ve been permanently cold for the entire month of January so if these items in any way are super warm, that’s why. Let’s jump in!

  • I bought myself a post-Christmas gift during the week of sales after Christmas. I have been using my brother’s old winter jacket for a couple of years now and while it’s super warm and big (so I can stuff a million layers under it for more warmth), it’s not very flattering or cute. I stalked the North Face website for months trying to find which one I’d purchase and wouldn’t you know it but the one I’d laid eyes on went on sale for Boxing Week. I have worn it almost every day since I bought it and I LOVE IT. It’s the North Face Arctic Parka II, like this one, just in red.

  • The book, What Happened by Hilary Clinton. I cannot emphasize how much I enjoyed reading this book, though it was truly an emotional roller coaster. It is such a raw and honest look at her life in politics, her defeat to an unqualified sexist, racist TV celebrity (which was more and more painful to read as time goes on with Trump as president), and how she is moving on and forward. Admittedly, the chapters surrounding proposed policy and legislation that she had been working on prior to the election may be a tad dry for those who don’t want to read that, but the chapters around potentially being the first female president and women in politics had me bawling.

  • I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but I’m completing a ‘dry January’ after lots of alcohol over the holidays. Aside from the occasional pub night where I am saddened by my club soda with lime sitting in front of me as I glance around the room at delicious stouts and red wine, it’s been pretty easy. This brings me to one of my absolute favourite non-alcoholic drinks – tea. I forgot how good the Tetley Warmth Cinnamon & Orange tea is!

  • Champs Boxing Studio is my absolute favourite place to workout this month. I am writing a bit more of a recap for later this week, but I have done 5 classes in the last 6 days and I’m hooked. It’s fairly similar to Rumble Boxing Studio in Calgary, the dark room, loud music, full-body workout, and of course, the ability to punch shit. I had the pleasure of having Jelena, the owner and world champion boxer, as my first instructor and it was AWESOME.

Source: Champs Boxing Studio Instagram

  • I am always searching for amazing sport bras and I bought this one on a whim while I was killing time at Sport Chek and it’s UNREAL. I am a huge fan of Nike sports bras and this one has the perfect features for every single activity I’ve done it it – lots of coverage, support, and comfort! It’s the Nike Women’s Pro Classic Swoosh Cooling Sports Bra (long name much?).

Nike Women's Pro Classic Swoosh Cooling Sports Bra - WHITE/BLACK

I haven’t worn this one yet but I bought it purely for how pretty it was. I can’t wait to try it out, but I think it will be for weight lifting, walks, and yoga, because it’s not as supportive as my other sports bras. HOW CUTE is it! It’s the Lululemon Raise the Barre Bra.

That’s it for my favourites this month! I am really excited for February, because we’re closer to spring! I’ve already noticed the slightly longer days and being able to have a tiny bit of daylight even on my walks home from work and it only gets better from here! Tell me, what is one of your favourites from January!

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