TransRockies Run Training Recap: Weeks 17-20!

Welcome back to my workout recaps, looking at my year of training for the upcoming TransRockies Run in August! This hasn’t been any sort of formal training up until now, as my intention was to gradually prepare for the event. Over the past four weeks I have been working back into running after a close call with a stress fracture and some major shin splints derailed my running in late November. It was pretty devastating to go from feeling amazing to hitting a hurdle in less than a week, but it has taught me some more valuable lessons in patience, strength training for running, and the importance of mobility and stretching… maybe the 7th time I learn these lessons they will really stick ha.

One of the best things about not running great distances during the month of December was that I had very little motivation to actually do so. Yes, I am internally itching for a long run and to get back to not having that constant fear while running of ‘oh, was that something I shouldn’t be feeling?’ or ‘uh oh, is that pain coming on or not?’ but to be honest, this injury and slow progression back from it has been a fantastic excuse to hibernate. Over the last two weeks it has constantly been around -30C here in Alberta (with an overnight windchill of down to -48C) and that makes it really hard to be active throughout the day and go outside, even just to walk to the gym. I am happy with the gym workouts I’ve completed and the rest I’ve allowed my body to take over these last four weeks. It has certainly stoked the fire and the internal drive to train hard this year!

Week 17 – December 4 – 10, 2017 – 1.5 miles

Monday: 60 minute spin class + physiotherapy

Tuesday: 2 X 60 minute spin class

Wednesday: 5 minutes running + 15 minutes elliptical

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 10 minutes running + 50 minutes indoor cycling

Saturday: OFF + walking around Banff

Sunday: 50 minute Rumble boxing class

Week 18 – December 11 – 17, 2017 – 3.2 miles

Monday: 60 minute spin class

Tuesday: 2 X 60 minute spin class

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 15 minutes running + 45 minutes strength training

Friday: 60 minutes indoor cycling

Saturday: 15 minutes running + 30 minutes stairmaster

Sunday: 5.5 mile walk

Week 19 – December 18 – 24, 2017 – 7.88 miles

Monday: 20 minutes running + 30 minutes stairmaster

Tuesday: 60 minutes indoor cycling

Wednesday: 20 minutes running

Thursday: 90 minutes strength training + Winter Solstice Mile

Friday: 45 minute walk

Saturday: 60 minutes indoor cycling

Sunday: 30 minutes running + 30 minutes stairmaster

Week 20 – December 25 – 31, 2017 – 5.17 miles

Monday: 30 minute walk

Tuesday: 50 minute walk

Wednesday: 20 minutes running + 60 minutes strength training

Thursday: 40 minutes indoor cycling

Friday: 30 minutes running + 30 minutes walking hills

Saturday: 55 minutes strength training + 30 minutes walking hills

Sunday: OFF


Latest gear purchase: My amazing parents bought me the New Balance Windblocker Jacket for Christmas and once it warms up above -30C I cannot wait to wear it to run outside! I was in desperate need of a winter running jacket and up until now had been layering random spring/fall layers, so this was a welcome addition to my running wardrobe!

Favourite fuel: Hoyne Brewing Dark Matters… that counts as carbs that fuel my workouts right? I am once again a Nuun ambassador so I recently ordered another box of tropical Nuun which is my absolute favourite.

Proudest moment: Following my physiotherapist’s recovery plan to get back to running. It is VERY HARD for me to take it slow and ease back into things. There were a couple of runs where I felt so good and my immediate thought was to go a little bit more but then I quickly changed my mind and stuck with the plan.

What I’m working to improve: Stretching after every workout. Being in the gym more than outside lately has helped because it feels more natural to migrate to the stretching area of my gym and cool down after a workout rather then when I get home from an outdoor run and want to head straight to the shower.

Feeling about TRR: A bit nervous because it is only 32 weeks away, but also crazy excited for everything that 2018 will bring. Plus, I am ecstatic that a lot of the training for these runs will bring me to places I’ve never been before!

I have started to put together a little plan to train for the Nimble Bear 25K in April. It’s relatively similar to a half marathon plan, aka not pushing myself to train harder than I have to, particularly because I have no idea how much training I will get to do outside in Edmonton this winter! I have some awesome running peeps to keep me motivated and even better gym friends to keep me accountable to my strength training as well. I’ll check in again in another four weeks!


  1. Good job on following your physio’s plan for the return to running. That may be the toughest part of any injury recovery!! My suggestion for if you run from your house – leave a mat, foam roller, release balls, a nice inviting glass of something to drink etc where you literally must walk over them when you get back 😉
    And I’m sure you’ll have an absolute blast at Trans Rockies!

  2. Shin splints are the worst! I had a bad case of this last spring in my left leg. When you touched my shin and I flexed my foot up and down, there was a grinding in the tendon. The feeling was so gross! Anyway, I completely sympathize with you and trying to come back slowly. It was really hard for me to follow all directions too. And I agree, the most important thing to come out of the injury for me was to finally understand the role of stretching, foam rolling and mobility work in allowing me to keep running pain free! Especially now that I’m turning 40 this year! Good luck with the road back…

    1. Thanks Liz! I have being continuously pushing myself into the habits of rolling, stretching, etc. and now when I go a couple of days without it I notice it!! Hope things are going well with your training this year!!

    1. Oooohh!! I saw that one when I was casually browsing the craft beer section of the liquor store, as one does, and I was worried it would be too much! Thanks for letting me know!!

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