TransRockies Run Training Recap: Weeks 21-24!

If someone could give me a tutorial for Training Peaks that would be amazing. I am trying to pay attention to and more closely track the intensity of my workouts over the weeks but I don’t truly understand what TSS or ATL or TSB are and how to use them to better train. This training recap is definitely more positive that the last one, where I was riddled with minor shin splints and trying to ease my way through recovery. This time there are actual miles in this recap! Hurray!

One reason I’m trying to better understand the impact of my workouts (as stress on my body) is because I can’t seem to stick with just one thing. I like to say I’m average at everything and elite at nothing – because I’m really good at trying a million different activities and loving all of them, but not enough to drop everything else and pursue one thing! Particularly now that I’ve been trying out boxing classes and more regular strength training, I like to ensure I’m cutting back on a tiny bit of running so as to not max out.

Week 21 – January 1 – 7, 2018 – 17.1 miles

Monday: 60 minute indoor cycling + 40 minutes strength

Tuesday: 60 minute spin class + 3.0 miles (9:42 min/mile)

Wednesday: 3.7 miles (9:27 min/mile) + 45 minutes strength

Thursday: 2.15 miles (9:19 min/mile) + 30 minutes strength

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 3.25 miles (9:14 min/mile)

Sunday: 5.0 miles (9:30 min/mile) + 50 minute Pound class

Week 22 – January 8 – 14, 2018 – 6.5 miles

Monday: 60 minute spin class + 30 minutes strength

Tuesday: 60 minute spin class + 45 minutes strength

Wednesday: 40 minutes strength + 3.36 miles (8:56 min/mile)

Thursday: 40 minutes strength + 3.14 miles (9:03 min/mile)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: OFF (SICK)

Sunday: OFF (SICK)

Week 23 – January 15 – 21, 2018 – 20.86 miles

Monday: 60 minute spin class + 40 minutes strength circuit

Tuesday: 40 minutes strength + 3.0 miles (9:21 min/mile)

Wednesday: 30 minutes strength + 3.36 miles (9:01 min/mile)

Thursday: 45 minutes strength + 3.26 miles (9:31 min/mile)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 15 minutes rowing + 4.02 miles hills (9:21 min/mile)

Sunday: 7.22 miles (9:25 min/mile)

Week 24 – January 22 – 28, 2018 – 17.88 miles

Monday: 30 minutes strength + 60 minute spin class

Tuesday: 45 minutes strength + 50 minute boxing class + 4.0 miles (9:41 min/mile)

Wednesday: 30 minutes strength

Thursday: 4.44 miles (9:03 min/mile) + 50 minute boxing class

Friday: 50 minute boxing class

Saturday: 4.52 miles (8:52 min/mile) + 50 minute boxing class

Sunday: 50 minute boxing class + 4.92 miles (10:06 min/mile)


Latest gear purchase: Boxing gloves. Not exactly the gear you expected to find on a trail running training recap, but it’s true, this is one of my latest gear purchases, and one I’ve frankly used the most in the last couple of weeks! Boxing is been incredible cross training!

Favourite fuel: Not exactly needed without having super long runs in my schedule, so currently sipping on water (and sparkling water to rehydrate).

Proudest moment: Making myself do sled pushes. When I first did them, it was with a friend and we are both super competitive so it was easier to push myself hard and put the work in when he was there. He’s been injured for a couple weeks now so I’m stuck forcing myself to do sled pushes on leg days by myself. It’s hard and I want to puke but I am always SO proud when I get them done!

What I’m working to improve: Consistent mobility and strength training. Winning at the strength training (because I love it) and still working on mobility. When I get home from double workout days or long days at work and the gym or a cold wintery run, I have absolutely no desire to spend 20-30 minutes stretching, rolling, and icing, but I know I’ll be so much better off when I do. It’s a work in progress.

Feeling about TRR: EXCITED. I just want sunshine and warm temperatures and muddy trails and hiking and all things summer. I cannot wait to hit the trails as soon as some of the crazy ice disappears!

I miss the terrain of outdoor running and I think I’ve found my threshold of about -10C before I get super cold and uncomfortable running. Before we know it it’ll be spring and the trails will be waiting!


  1. TrainingPeaks is amazing. lol. I can 100% help you out with that. I think I have 4 or 5 years of training stress data in there.

  2. “I’m average at everything and elite at nothing” – YES! I say the same thing! I love so many different things that I can’t focus on one either. I think it’s a good thing, it keeps you from getting burned out and you aren’t missing out on anything because it’s not your focused activity.

  3. I don’t get Training Peaks either…but it seems like good software – though I’m a minimalist with training 🙂 Glad your shins are doing better!

    I can’t wait for trail running weather either. I’m still running on the trails here (in B.C) but they are SO ICY. I slid down a hill today and that is scary stuff. Can’t wait for gravel.

    1. Oh no! Hope you’re okay! I am a baby when it comes to the ice – I get so fearful of falling but I suppose that happening once in a while is worth being on the trails! 😀 Have a great weekend!!

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