Thinking Out Loud Thursday #119!

It has been a hot minute since I wrote a ‘Thinking Out Loud Thursday’ post! I couldn’t wrap my head around something completely comprehensible today so it is perfect that it is a Thursday and I can utilize the weekly link-up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her amazing Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

I am getting really nervous and really excited for the upcoming races I have planned this year. My first run is in April, the Nimble Bear 25K trail race that I feel severely undertrained for, particularly for any vertical or challenging terrain. I think in the past two months we have had about 3 days that were above -10C. Which means… treadmill life for me! At this point I am mentally balancing risk of undertraining with the risk of injury or early burnout from overtraining. I think for a spring race I’d rather feel I have room to train harder for bigger races in the summer than to push too hard too soon and be back where I was in December with shin splints and close to a stress fracture. In other words, training is going…

Quick note about races this year: after applying to the lottery entry this year for the LuluLemon SeaWheeze half marathon… I AM IN! My mom got in too and her and I are doing the race together in September! WOOO!

I am feeling really good after the shin splints of yesteryear. It has been a LOT more work than anticipated to feel this way though. I work on foam rolling every. single. night. I have a tiger tail roller for my calves, foam roller for my calves and hamstrings, and then do lots of stretching and some resistant band work. After that I either massage my shins and calves with body butter and try to break up some fascia before it builds up and creates the painful spots, or I ice my shins. It’s a process. But, so far, it’s working. My ‘friend’ recommended an injured runner podcast to me so I could ‘learn what I was doing wrong with injury recovery.’

I’m not going to lie, it was actually really good. It gives a researched 5-minute test process (on a pass/fail basis) including single leg squats, plank, 90-90 wall ball squat, step-ups, and hops, for which you can be assesses for the go ahead to return to running. It also discusses what a ‘return’ to running truly means for all types of runnings which is super important. You can find it here. The funniest part is that the physician talks about how often he gets runners who will say nothing but, “when can I run again?” Even when he explains injuries and how slow recovery should be, he emphasizes that runners are never happy until they are given a plan to return to running again. Truth.

I hope you read my recap of my first two weeks at Champs Boxing Studio. I took 10 classes in 14 days with the cheap intro pass and then on my way out the door of my 10th class, I bought a 10 pass to keep coming back. I think I can afford, both financially and physically, to go to a class about twice a week. I cannot get enough of it, the intensity, the power and strength, and it is the perfect cross training for me right now during these winter months! I wish I could get to a class every day, in addition to running, because it’s just awesome.

This week at work has been rough. I reached the point yesterday where I cringed and braced myself every time I checked my email because it seemed every time I opened an email it was something that made me want to cry or punch my computer. Our whole team is super slammed and exhausted right now, so when I saw my Executive Director in the hallway we both cheerily asked each other how the day was going, smiled, and put on a fake voice to answer politely, then paused in that moment of acknowledgement that we just bull-shitted each other, and went on our merry way.

One thing I’ve learned in my job is how terrible I am at politically correct language. I had feedback on a memo to another area of our organization that asked why I was requesting exploration of a particular project, one related to Indigenous Health ceremonial space, and my colleague had to talk me out of replying, “HM. I DON’T KNOW. MAYBE TO EMBARK ON A TINY SLICE OF RECONCILIATION AFTER A FEW HUNDRED YEARS OF COLONIZATION.” I’m a delight to work with I promise, just don’t question me. 🙂

One thing to look forward to this week at work is Friday afternoon when I get to attend my first Cree sweat ceremony! I am extremely anxious about it, but excited. I have never been to a sweat before, but I’ve heard it’s an incredible experience. As an Indigenous healing ceremony, it’s one of the most intense, but I think it’s coming at the perfect time for a grounding of our team, and personal spiritual healing for everyone. I’m personally grateful to have this experience as I feel like I’ve had a winter of reflection and introspection and the guidance at a sweat is exactly what I find myself drawn to.

Can we just talk about this for a second?

My dad sarcastically asked what I was going to do when Albertans start chanting for the Government to build a wall between BC and Alberta. I said I would hop over the wall, drink a ton of BC wine, and watch as Alberta drains the land of all finite oil resources without putting the necessary funding into renewable energy to sustain the economy for future generations. DO NOT MESS WITH THE WINE SUPPLY.

I hope everyone is having an amazing week! Just think, it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend, which means you’re so close to a couple of days where you don’t have to put on pants if you don’t want to. Hurrah! One of my goals for February is to go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing this month. We got a huge dump of snow recently and I need to take advantage of it!! YAY FOR SUN AND SNOW!


  1. All of these memes just made my day! I feel like no matter where you work everyone is just crazy busy right now. I wish the world would stop for a day to just take a nap! So excited you got into the Sea Wheeze, a friend ran it last year and she said it was AMAZING!! Can’t wait to see your pictures!

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