House-hunting in Kimberley… and snowshoeing!

What a week! I feel like I need a 12 hour sleep, or an extra large coffee, or another day off, but it was so worth it. I took most of last week off to head to Kimberley with my dad to find a place to live! I like to think I am a strong, independent woman and can handle a lot on my own, and I can, but it was super helpful to have my dad available to come with me. I felt a tad guilty, as my life decisions in a such a close family don’t just affect me, they affect my parents too. I am grateful for their endless support and I always know they are there for me, whether to push me a bit outside my comfort zone, or catch me when I fall. This trip was no different, my dad took time off work to travel with me to Kimberley and spend hours looking at houses… with just a bit of adventure and beer to go alongside the stressful parts.

We headed out on a beautiful winter day, taking the route through the Rockies from Calgary, after spending a night at my Aunt’s to cut the drive down. My favourite thing about road trips with my dad – our car chats. I don’t think we stopped talking. When we arrived in Kimberley we had a whirlwind of a day, meeting my realtor and touring what felt like every available home in Kimberley. It’s a pretty tight market right now, with not a lot for sale, as things are moving quickly and picking up speed as we head into spring. My realtor was the bomb. After hours of viewing everything from new builds to condos to homes built during the mining boom, my dad and I went for beer and dinner to debrief.

It was a stressful few days, and I learned SO much about housing, mortgages, what to look for at a showing, which upgrades cost a lot and which not so much. It was fun, because it was really exciting to be looking at a sneak peek of my new life in Kimberley, but man, adulting is hard. We had an incredible family friend who came with us to the second showing of one place and is a contractor. He was able to give us a really good breakdown of the situation, prior to having an official inspection. I’ll have some more details about the move and where I’ll be living soon, but for now, the fun stuff… BEER, SNOW, MOUNTAINS, OH MY!

We were staying with a friend in Kimberley who lives across from a golf course and was able to take us out snowshoeing two mornings we were there. But first, CHECK OUT HOW MUCH SNOW THEY HAVE.

I had to get in a treadmill training run on Thursday while we were there, but the rest of the time I was able to be active outside and take advantage of the snow! My dad and I went snowshoeing with our friend, and guide, around the trails of the golf course. It wasn’t very cold and we were boiling with every climb. It was a bit cloudy and moody on the first day but the second day was bright blue skies and you could see the entire mountain range across the town.

Snowshoeing is a great workout and super fun with the right amount of snow. It wasn’t 2 feet of powder which is insane because you can never really get moving in it, and it wasn’t a hard packed trail – it was perfect. We did about 90 minutes of ‘shoeing (is that the shorthand for it?) each morning, the best way to start the day, and then usually did something productive before hitting the brewery or a pub around late afternoon.

I’m really excited to head back to Kimberley soon, next time with a giant truck full of my belongings, and maybe I’ll be able to see the town without so much snow ha! The snowshoe trails were awesome and a great intro to winter outdoor activities that are so accessible with a life in the mountains. Now for a busy few weeks of checking things off my multiple to-do lists!


  1. Ahh, adventures ahead! Curious as to your decision to buy a house versus renting to begin with? Is it hard to get rentals there or truly looking to settle down or invest?

    1. Actually, I think you nailed all of the reasons!! There is very little to rent in the area, I am really looking to settle down a bit, AND it’ll be a great investment not matter what. 🙂 Plus, a fun (possibly frustrating) little project!

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