Life Update & Big Changes.

I miss writing! It feels so good to share my life again, after a few months of being a tad distant from my social media and blog world. I have been working hard to make some huge changes in my life and it has taken quite a bit of energy, but allowed me to manifest the change I needed. Okay, so let’s take three steps back.

As you know, this past summer, my family and I visited the Kootenays, in the southeast corner of British Columbia where we used to live almost 15 years ago. I always knew I loved the area, but in my mind I always attributed it to a happy childhood growing up in a small town nestled in the mountains. Somewhere I could look to for fond memories but a place where people leave to move to the big city or ‘grow up.’ As we spent time driving through Fernie, spending a few nights in Kimberley, and winding our way through the Rockies, I felt like a piece of my heart was still there.

As fall set in, I started to feel like I was stuck. Since the day I arrived in Alberta, I told myself and anyone who would listen, that I always saw myself moving back to BC. Alberta has always felt temporary. Until this past fall, it always felt like I was here for a reason. I had an incredible post-secondary education and a wonderful grad school experience at the University of Alberta. I started my career with an internship with the provincial government, and I was learning and growing so much as a young adult. This past summer I was offered a higher position and the opportunity to leave my internship and become a full-time analyst with the same area of government. Then all of a sudden, I felt like I didn’t have a purpose here anymore and my path was supposed to be taking me elsewhere. I got stuck. I wasn’t in a job that seemed to match my life path, my ethics, my personality, and my creativity and drive. In November, I began to imagine the life I wanted to manifest.

If it sounds like I’m writing word for word what my good friend Jo says all the time, it’s because I was truly doing what she talks about. I literally created a Pinterest Board that was called “Dream Life” and it was filled with photos of mountains, forests, small log homes, hiking, patios, cozy bedrooms and kitchens. I wrote down the qualities I wanted in a job and where I imagined myself living. As I explored job options, questioning whether my career in public health had limited me to big cities and mountain-less provinces, I researched exact positions in organizations that I saw myself doing.

I focused on what I was grateful for as well. I spent a LOT of time wondering if I was simply experiencing season affectedness disorder, or was just tired of being cold, or was letting minor work frustration get to me. I wanted to ensure, for both myself and my valued family and friends, that I wasn’t complaining about my current life AT ALL, just experiencing feelings that told me I needed to grow and let change manifest its way into my life.

It was just after the new year when one of the jobs I had written down, exact organization and position, was posted. I almost peed. There were actually two positions posted in the organization, and I applied for both, confident I was qualified and could be offered the first one, a lower position on the team, and while confident in my ability, I knew I was dreaming really big for the second one. I was offered an interview for the first one. I turned it down. I knew that if I wanted the second job, the aim-high, dream-big, go-for-gold position, I needed to be bold and confident that I could get the job.

I interviewed for the second one. I was the only candidate that interviewed over the phone and did not interview in person, which I was told by the Director, “put me at a disadvantage.” I received an email from the Director, asking me if I could do a follow-up call to answer a few more questions. I did. Four days later, and approximately zero hours of sleep later, I was offered the job.

In early April, I am moving back to Kimberley, BC, having accepted the role of Aboriginal Practice Lead with the Interior Health Authority. I was afforded flexible location for this position, and chose to go back to the place I still consider ‘home,’ Kimberley. Next week my dad and I are traveling to Kimberley to find me a place to live, and I begin my new role in mid-April. The team I work with lives across the region, and my first week will be spent in Kamloops and Kelowna, after my new Director helped arrange my orientation week so I would conveniently be in Kelowna the day before my upcoming Nimble Bear 25K trail race.

My heart is full and my soul is excited. I will be leaving an amazing city, wonderful friends, and most significantly, my parents and brother, to move back to my home province, a home in the mountains and where I left my heart all those years ago when crossing the border into Alberta. I don’t think it’s going to be perfect, nothing is, and to be honest, it’s really scary… but it’s sure going to be an adventure!


  1. Excited for your change. As an Edmontonian, I enjoyed your local flavour, but look forward to reading about your mountain adventures. Be sure to check out Bohemian Spirits in Kimberly.

  2. Wow, so excited for you!! And so looking forward to hearing about all your new experiences and adventures! I’m pretty happy here in Ontario but REALLY a part of my soul is also in B.C., so kinda jealous at the same time. Good luck, Kris!!

  3. I am so proud of you and I don’t even know you. You are young, change and adventure awaits. I also agree with Natalie wholeheartedly; as I get older, it is harder to make changes – even though I always have. Part of it is out of fatigue, part of it out of uncertainly of what I want at all.

    Having lived in Edmonton and having been a city girl, I live in a smaller town (yet, not small) and couldn’t live in a bigger city anymore. Walking down Whyte Ave used to be norm for me and now it’s just sensory overload and disconnect.

    Have you been to Kelowna in BC before? How does Kimberley differ?

    1. Awe thanks Jenni! That’s exactly it – I know there will be a time when it will be harder to create such drastic change! I have been to Kelowna, yes! I haven’t stayed for long but loved the lake life and beauty that it offered! Kimberley is a bit smaller and is more of a small mountain town, being really caught between the Rocky and Purcell mountain ranges. I like that it’s closer to Banff and while it’s pretty out of the way of cross-province travel, it’s very much a beautiful little hidden gem in the mountains. 🙂 You’ll have to come visit or when I’m in Kelowna for work we should get together!!

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