March Goals: Keep it together.

As much as that sounds like a silly goal, keeping it together is very much what I will be trying to do this month, and in more ways than one. Packing up and moving my life back to BC is a task in itself, and all of the little things that are required to do so take time, effort, money, and patience. For every one item I cross off my to-do list I seem to have to add three. It’s really exciting and I can’t wait to be back, it’s just, uh, the process of getting there!

Towards the end of the month I will just be trying to keep my emotions in check and keep it together that way. I am leaving a really special time in my life here and there are so many people that I can’t even begin to tell how much they have changed my life or impacted me in ways they will never know. I’m also an easy crier, so this should be fun.

I do have some more concrete goals though for March. I will be relatively all over the place so I’m ditching any type of 30-day challenge or adding ‘too much’ to my schedule. I want to document this move and start using my camera more. I went from using my DSLR to using my phone to now, nothing. I think the last photo I took was of my parking space in a parkade so I could remember which level I parked on. It was pure art. I want to remember this move, this change, this time in my life, so I am making it my goal to document it through photos, and take more photos in general.

I am leaving behind a pretty kick ass gym. Okay, so after work it sucks, but the equipment is unbeatable and when I strength train at 5am, I get full access to all of the super sets I want to do! As I don’t know if my next gym will have it, my second goal this month is to use the sled in every one of my leg workouts at my gym before I leave it. Sled pushes are HELL and make me want to vomit, but in a good way where I really feel like I’ve pushed myself HARD. I do hope I find a gym where I can access a sled, but until then, I’m going to take advantage of the one I have now!

Finally, today I begin my official coached training plan with my run coach for TransRockies. My final goal for this month is to listen to my coach. Sounds simple enough, but it requires actual warm up and cool down in my running and like, stretching and stuff. UGH. It will hopefully give me some much needed structure this month when I’m busy and I don’t have to think about developing my own workout schedule, I just do what’s waiting for my in training peaks.

I do love a good Monday – why it is that they feel like the freshest days of the week when really, it’s just another day! I spent my weekend doing recertification courses for group fitness and CPR, taking a couple of rest days from the gym, and enjoying a bit of a mental break from fitness – focusing instead on planning the move and feeling less scattered about it. Last night I had a bath and I cannot tell you how much I love the Saje apres sport soothing bath salt soak, which has eucalyptus and rosemary and makes you want to curl up into a giant warm cocoon and will allow you to sleep deeper than you ever have. It’s magical.

Happy March everyone – it’s my favourite month and only 25 days until my 25th birthday – so much celebration and joy and emotion this month!


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