Because I love writing about hiking, and you love reading about it. Here are the recaps of some of the hiking I’ve done! Feel free to reach out if you have any more specific questions about trail heads, navigation, or more details!


Banff and Lake Louise

Sulphur Mountain

Moraine Lake, Consolation Lake, and Larch Valley

Lake Louise Tea House Loop

Giant Steps and Paradise Valley

Ink Pots via Moose Meadows

Canmore and area

Ha Ling

East End of Rundle

Middle Sister

Elk Island National Park Trails

Hayburger Trail

Tawalik Lake Trail

Shirley Lake Trail

Moss Lake Trail

Amiske Wuche Trail

Wood Bison Trail


Prairie View Mountain Hike and Trail Run

Mount Yamnuska

Troll Falls

Nordegg and area

Vision Quest

Allstones Lake

Coliseum Mountain


Bear’s Hump

Crypt Lake

Bertha Lake

Jasper and area

Morro Peak

Skyline Trail

Valley of Five Lakes


West Coast Trail