They’re Here.

They finally arrived. I haven’t seen these guys in so long and really needed them in my life again. I knew they were coming and couldn’t wait for late afternoon for my loves to arrive. I waited all day and finally they came… this lovely box of spaghetti squash!

Just kidding. Of course I am talking about my grandparents! They arrived this afternoon after driving all day from Regina, SK where my dad’s brother, my Uncle Dave lives. They brought this giant box of spaghetti squash which I was way too excited about and a box of homemade applesauce. My grandma’s applesauce is the best  because it is not puree like store-bought, it has chunks of apple, and isn’t overly sweet… delicious!

When they got here we had an awesome dinner of pork chops, roasted potatoes, green beans, and steamed broccoli. I ate potatoes like I was carboloading for a 318956914 mile race. They were too good. 

I think I was talking too much at dinner… my grandparents look extremely bored. 

My mom likes to play the ‘Sliver Game.’ Did you know that if you eat 13 slivers of carrot cake it doesn’t count as eating one big piece? This way you say you will only take a sliver and feel really good about yourself and the fact that you portioned out only a small piece of dessert. Then, because your piece was so small you justify one more sliver because really that is only like a quarter of a piece right? Then you promptly repeat this process nine more times or until someone catches onto your game. 

Dessert logic. My mom has it mastered.

I didn’t have any carrot cake for dessert but did eat about half of a loaf of zucchini carrot bread while writing an English paper this afternoon. That stuff is addicting. It has vegetables in the name so it is just like eating servings of raw vegetables. I’m a science major… I know this stuff. 

Good thing with all of those carbs I went to the gym this morning after work. After warming up for twenty minutes on the elliptical I attempted a run on the treadmill. I ran for 3.0 miles, at a 9:00 min/mile pace, and was DONE. Football highlights were the only thing getting me through those 27 minutes. I did some arm strength training after my cardio fix. I was going to try and do a chin-up or at least see how long I could hang onto the bar in chin-up position (or most likely walk around the chin-up bar, get intimidated, and walk away defeated) but some dude was using the bar and doing clapping pull-ups. Um what? I didn’t even know those were possible. Then he did one-handed clapping push-ups. Get. Out. 

Seriously. Jealous.

I should have tried those clapping pull-ups. They are obviously the next step after accomplishing 0.4 of a chin-up. 

I spoke too soon.

It was fun to run a half marathon yesterday. It was fun to go for a bike ride with my mom last night. It was NOT fun to get out of bed this morning and attempt to spin. 

I think my mom is trying to kill me. She forced me to go on a sunset bike ride with her and explore her new favourite trail. It was actually really beautiful and although I was biking about as fast as an 80-year old woman pushing herself in a wheelchair, it was a relaxing bike ride. Then I tried to get out of bed this morning… and go to spin class. Ouch. 

The prairies sure have some gorgeous sunsets. I don’t really appreciate them getting earlier and earlier though. Has it really been three months since the longest day of the year? 

 We were pedalling down a straight and flat stretch of road and my mom asked me if I was deliberately going really slow. I was pedalling as fast as I could. My legs just wouldn’t go faster… I suppose it was at that moment I should have known I would be sore the next day. I started to sweat trying to bike up a small hill… embarrassing.

Though I complain, it really was a nice bike ride and I am glad my mom showed me a new path. It was almost ten miles long so it would be perfect to incorporate into a cycling adventure or for a long run… you know, once my legs work again. 

In even more exciting news, I am happy to announce I finally found a Kris-Murray-sized salad bowl. The tag said “industrial mixing bowl” but I think that must have been a mistake. 

I definitely don’t regret doing the half marathon yesterday, but I think next time I spontaneously run 13.27 miles I will try to make sure it is not the day before spin class! If it were a drop-in class I would have pressed the snooze button and rolled over but because I paid good money to register and my favourite instructor was teaching this morning I had to roll off of my bed and hobble to the gym. I adjusted my gears and worked as hard as I could with what muscle strength I had this morning. It was probably good I got to stretch out my legs a bit and it was a fun class!

Riding on the bus home for an hour? Not so fun. Keep your sweat to yourselves fellow bus-riders. 

Just for the fun of it.

I had a day off. So I ran a half marathon. Just for the fun of it. 

It is such a weird difference between racing an official half marathon and running an unofficial 13.1 miles. I went only as fast as I wanted to and did the last five miles with my favourite running partner. I was expecting the last part with my mom to be a little slower but we ran almost the same pace that I ran by myself! 

I set out before 7:00 am, which is a sleep-in nowadays, and hit the path by the river for a nice and cool 8.24 miles. It was only 5 degrees Celsius when I left and my fingers were a tad numb at first but they warmed up eventually! I wore my Runsie and a windbreaker for the first part of my run and then ditched the jacket when I came home and grabbed my mom for the second part of my run. 

My mom is the best – she ran faster than she normally does to keep up with me and we talked the whole time so it flew by! We need to run together more often… maybe in a couple of days though, you know, once I’ve recovered from today!

“Garmin or it doesn’t count” is something I say on quite a regular basis. I love my Garmin Forerunner 10 and couldn’t imagine running without it. I have the pink one that I got for Christmas last year and my mom bought herself the green one. We like to match and compare. I apparently ran 0.03 miles farther. I’ve always been an overachiever. 

I did my first 8.24 miles at an 8:24 min/mile pace, and then last 5.03 at an 8:35 min/mile pace, for an overall of 13.27 miles at 8:28 min/mile. Not bad.

My mile splits were 8:45, 8:32, 8:26, 8:25, 8:26, 8:43, 8:06, 7:58, (picked up my mom), 8:41, 8:32, 8:29, 8:42, 8:32 and about 7:58 min/mile for the last 0.27. Once we got home we did some ab work and then hit the showers because I am pretty sure I smelled like death.

I never really know what I am going to feel like eating after a long run but I usually know it will involve peanut butter. Today I made whole wheat banana waffles and topped them with peanut butter, with a side of greek yogurt and fruit. Perfect post-run refuelling. 

Warm waffles = melty peanut butter = HEAVEN.

I now have the day to focus on rehydrating my body and keeping up with my metabolism by eating every 17 minutes instead of every 23. Oh, and doing homework and studying… that too. 

Is there a better way to start your day than by running a half marathon? I don’t think so! Having no stress, no pressure, and just running my little heart out – it was really fun!