Tea buddy.

First Stuart and I are left to run the house by ourselves, then we are treated to a house guest and get to play hosts for a couple of nights! How very grown up of us. Auntie Pam is here for a visit – she came up just to see us and spend some quality time with her two favourite people… oh and something about work. It’s perfect, now I have a tea buddy!

Mint tea in my favourite mug. In photos it probably looks like the perfect little tea mug, but that would be deceiving because it is huge and fits over three cups of tea! 

My legs weren’t even sore today… I guess they are getting used to this whole “running” thing! I did another progression run on the treadmill today, but it was slow, and definitely not as intense as my last progression run. I did five miles with splits of 8:41, 8:34, 8:27, 8:20, and 8:13. I was sporting the red Runsie on the treadmill today – probably the main reason why the run felt so good. 

After the short run I hit the weights for some arm work. I upped my weights and perfected my form today because one of the hot personal trainers was working. He needs to be around for all my workouts because my arms got an awesome burn with him there. Even though my exercise session was shorter today compared to the past couple of days, I obviously still had a burning metabolism from running so much, so I had to refuel with plenty of homemade pizza. 

Perfection. I will be adding bar-b-que sauce to all pizza from now on. There are no leftovers… just saying.

We always aim to impress anyone staying with us by serving up one of the Murray specialties… homemade pizza! I am pretty sure we have literally made this for anyone and everyone who has come for dinner. We know how to keep ’em coming back.

With all of the running, pizza, and procrastinating, it’s amazing that we have found time to keep up with our studies, right Stuart?

That’s what I thought. I may just have to bring my textbooks to the gym and prop them up on the treadmill. Reading on the treadmill? I can barely stay on the treadmill normally so that may not be the best idea for someone so clumsy. Oh, and you are correct in assuming I am jealous of Stuart’s orange pants. 

Spinning and running… Spunning?

As much as I complain about my alarm clock going off before 5:00 am EVERY morning, I wouldn’t take back the views I get every day. The sunrises of Alberta are just as good as the sunsets. This morning in particular the sunrise featured an orange, pink, purple, and blue sky with a double rainbow. Pretty great way to start my day.

Oh, and it is International Coffee Day today, so that was also a great start to my day. I hope everyone celebrated with a nice big cup of dark roast. Black. Strong. Mmmm.

Of course that coffee in your cup better be Starbucks. Not Starbucks Blonde Roast either, because those beans come on the same truck as Tim Hortons which is essentially “glorified dish water” as my dad would say.

I couldn’t decide whether to go for a run after work or hit the gym for a session of spin. Why do either when you can do both? 

I laced up my shoes, shoved my gym pass in my pocket, and ran to the gym. It was 4.11 miles to the gym at an 8:32 min/mile pace. I wore a fall running outfit and although I looked colourful and just like a watermelon, the long sleeves were too much. I have an irrational fear of being cold on my run so I tend to overdress.

Once I got to the gym I hit the spin bikes for a wonderful 30 minutes of hill climbs, sprints, and jump drills. Once again, I placed the industrial sized fan right in front of my face. I was wearing long sleeves… it was necessary. 

Once I had accomplished my fan-blown and wind-swept hair style I left the gym to run home. It sucks when you get the gym, cycle your heart out, only to realize you still have half of your run left. I clearly hadn’t realized this yet as I was still smiling from my spin endorphins.

4.13 miles home. I picked up 0.02 miles somewhere. This half of my run, on spin legs, was at a little slower pace of 8:41 min/mile. The sun made an appearance on the run home! Good thing the long sleeve shirt is wicking and breathable. The sun made for some gorgeous views and helped me not think about how tired I was!

Just because this made me extremely happy, I will gladly show you that the wrist bands at the gym perfectly matched my clothing today. I get way too excited when that happens. OCD. 

It was a good mix of exercise today. A little spin, a little running, which equals a whole lot of spunning. Over 27 miles in three days, I may need a break from running tomorrow. See, I can do a marathon… it just takes me three days. Time for my seventh cup of coffee today? I am certainly doing International Coffee Day right.

Running is stress relief.

It was one of the busiest days at work today which meant all day I couldn’t wait to go home, lace up my shoes, and hit the streets for a stress relieving run. I debated going to the gym and running on the treadmill but despite the wind, it was a beautiful afternoon and I couldn’t waste it. These fall days are the best.. cool, breezy, and perfect for running. I ran down to the path along the river because at this time of year it is gorgeous. It is the same place we did the St. Albert Fall Challenge Half Marathon and there is nothing like leaves crunching underneath your running shoes and being surrounded by yellow, orange, and green trees. 

The neighbour saw me taking pictures of myself in my garage. It was awkward. 

I had a feeling it would be a slow run after my 9.0 mile progression run yesterday and I liked the irony of wearing my “crazy fast” running shirt. It wasn’t too slow and me legs surprised me because they weren’t sore and were really ready to run. 

The path along the river was closed in one part so I got to 4.75 miles and had to turn around. I did a little zig-zagging around my neighbourhood to make it 10.0 miles. I had to. My mile splits were 8:17, 8:16, 8:04, 7:55, 8:17, 8:04, 8:18, 8:38, 8:16, and 8:04. Can you tell where the uphill mile was? Overall, I had a pace of 8:13 min/mile (8:11 min/mile without the traffic lights) and didn’t feel like I was even remotely pushing myself – which was my goal for the day… to essentially NOT have a goal. I got so distracted by my thoughts that I forgot I was running half the time!

It was an awesome run and really helped clear my mind and run off any stress in my life. When I got home I did my favourite post-run activity of lying on the floor and getting my sweat all over the carpet. Oh, and some ab work. 

I think I had a craving for strawberries after my run?

As the saying goes, “running is cheaper than therapy.” It is very true and I think exercise, especially running, makes me stronger not just physically, but mentally. It relieves so much stress from school, work, and life in general that it’s almost necessary I get my “therapy” every day!