I have legs, I shall run until I no longer can.

In high school I started candy striping at the local hospital. I would like to clarify that I said striping, not stripping. I loved it. I love hospitals and really hope to work in one some day. Yes, I even love the smell of a hospital. It doesn’t smell like death and illness to me, it smells like miracles and hope. It breaks my heart that some patients don’t get any visitors in the hospital and knowing that the smile and pudding cups I deliver could brighten someone’s day just a little bit is worthwhile. 

When the candy striping gig ended after high school I continued to volunteer at the long term care facility at the hospital. I would help feed residents, plan celebrations and events, visit with residents and do nails, crafts, and more. 

When I moved to Alberta I was looking for something to fill the volunteer void in my life. I sought out the hospital volunteer centre but the head coordinator was off on leave and that left me to find other facilities. I stumbled upon the Citadel Care Facility, a long term care facility for seniors who are unable to live on their own. I spend my time with the Occupational Therapy Department and help them take residents for walks, perform assisted range of motion exercises, bring residents to the stationary leg bike and stationary arm bike and move wheelchairs around to various departments in the building. I love interacting with the residents and the OT staff are unreal. 
Some days the residents make me laugh, others they make me want to cry, and most days they make me think. When many of the residents need assistance with walking, eating, or performing simple movements, I think about how much I take for granted in my life. I get up every day and don’t have to think about how I will get out of bed or get dressed – I just do it. I don’t have to wait until someone comes to feed me, I just go to the fridge and grab some food. I complain when my Garmin battery dies because then it won’t show how far I have run, but I should be thankful that I can even go for a run. I am young, I am healthy, and I am thankful. I don’t think there is a single aspect of my life that I can complain about – except when there is no peanut butter in my house because that is just ridiculous – and so I will continue to run, bike, swim, and exercise my heart out, and APPRECIATE it whenever I do, because my body might not be able to do all of those things forever! Keep walking, running, and doing what YOU love because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Live today to the fullest.

Stories from the care centre are always entertaining to say the least. The saying goes, “Kids say the darnedest things,” but it may be the elderly that say some even more wild things. I enjoy my time there and hope to spend lots more time with the OT department throughout the school year!

Oh, and in case you didn’t read enough sappy blog posts today, another great one was written by my cousin Kyla on her blog

The orange apron.


My brother, Stuart! He was actually hired a couple weeks ago but I haven’t had the chance to stalk visit him at work yet so I had yet to see him sporting the orange apron. He had been procrastinating getting a job for a while, but after lots of pressure and nagging, and a little boredom, he applied and was hired in the lumber department at The Home Depot.

So far he has been working pretty much on an opposite schedule as me so I haven’t seen him as much as I used to pre-Home Depot… one less person to listen to my crazy rants and stories and thoughts now. He must be so disappointed. He is still training but when we went to visit tonight he was helping customers and rocking the orange apron like no man’s business.

On our trip to the Home Depot my mom managed to find the ugliest item sold at The Home Depot… and she wanted to buy it.

I don’t think I have ever heard someone say, “You know what is missing from this awesome patio? A nice big grass shag area rug.” Never. Not once.

Congratulations on the new job Stuart!

Hot skies and hot sauce.

The neighbourhood that we live in currently backs on to a developing subdivision. As of now they have paved the streets and graded the lots. I will be extremely disappointed when they start actually building houses, not only because construction work will begin every day outside of my bedroom window before 6:00am, but mostly because right now we have a pretty nice view of the beautiful Alberta sunsets.

Literally neon clouds… so cool.

I love the prairie sunrises and sunsets. Yes, the mountains of the west coast are amazing, but they kind of take away from the horizon that goes on forever. Gorgeous, and minus the few nights that there are dark thunder clouds swirling around to block it, the sunset is like this EVERY night. Can we buy the lots behind our house to prevent someone from living in the way of my nightly sunset viewing?

Dinner tonight was chicken quinoa stir fry. Delicious, and I discovered one of my new favourite condiments. Sriracha hot chili sauce.

I am possibly one of the last people to try this hot sauce. It is SO good. I have seen it on other blogs and such but never tried to even find it in the grocery store… feel free to shake your head at me at this point in time. Lesson learned.

It is a perfect sweet and hot chili spice. You don’t need much to make your lips and tongue burrrrn. Yum. It was a hit with the whole family and some of us may have put too much on at first.

I was definitely ready for the chicken quinoa stir fry after a gym workout with my brother. I did 3.0 miles of a “recovery” run from yesterday’s longer run. Stairmaster and Jacobs Ladder for a little more cardio and then we hit the weights for arms and abs. Resistant band punches equal severely burning arms. A good burn though, like a Sriracha burn.