I can do anything for a minute… or 3.5 minutes.

Interval training is tough. When I want to switch up my running or if I am getting bored of running at the same pace for miles on end I do intervals. Somehow even though I am running at a fast pace for less than half the time I am actually moving I sweat WAY more. Intervals get my heart pounding and by the end I am a sweaty and endorphin-filled mess.

Some of the benefits of interval training include:

  1. Burning more fat. Your body burns more calories during and after an interval workout.
  2. Strengthens the heart. Your heart is pumping hard and fast during the intervals and by combining tough intervals with heart-rate-slowing recovery periods you are giving your heart quite the workout, making it stronger.
  3. Builds muscle. Both weight trainings and interval training have been shown to build muscle, not destroy it like some forms of monotonous cardio.
  4. Revs your metabolism. Interval training increases your HGH production which increases calorie burn. So yes, I did have extra peanut butter on my toast this morning.
  5. Finally, intervals are tough mentally and I believe they help train your mind as well as your body. I feel so accomplished after interval training because it reminds me what my body is capable of when I push outside of my comfort zone. Source.

Some intervals feel like they fly by and others feel like they never end but I usually think one thing when in the middle of an interval… “I can do anything for a minute.” Taking an interval, a run, or running in general one minute or one mile at a time is a lot easier than trying to focus on the big picture.

Today I did treadmill intervals. One of the benefits of doing a workout like this on the treadmill is you can control your pace really easily and change pace simply with the push of a button. I did an 8X800m workout because I had 4.0 miles on my running schedule today.

400m Warm-up @ 15:00 min/mile walking pace.
400m Warm-up @ 10:00 min/mile jogging pace.

800m Interval @ 6:58 min/mile running pace.
400m Recovery @ 15:00 min/mile walking pace.

Repeat for 8 intervals.

400m Cool-down @15:00 min/mile walking pace.

Total: 6.75 miles

I have tried intervals at the track, on the treadmill, and on the streets and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The treadmill was really easy regarding controlling my pace/speed but it does get tiring running on the belt for over an hour! Whether it’s an interval at a pace 0.1mph faster or at an uncomfortably fast pace, always keep in mind that you can do anything for a minute!

Blogging, eh?

It’s better to arrive late than never right? I think I’ve entered the blogging world approximately 6.3 years later than most, but as with most technology, I’ve finally caught on. Oh, and most people stopped listening to me ramble on and on about food and exercise in the real world so I am forced to spread my words of wisdom and sarcasm to the lucky few on the internet who happen to pass by this blog.

In short, I love exercise, peanut butter, country music, and being a Canadian girl. I love to travel and explore new places and don’t worry, I’ll post all about them. I think you’ll also hear lots about my undying love for oatmeal and running on the treadmill. 

My posts might be interesting, boring, ridiculous, strange, or fun, but I can guarantee they’ll be flipping hilarious of course. Don’t take my words too seriously though, I’m just a girl running around Canada 🙂