August 15 – 20, 2018 – TransRockies Run – Colorado

You can read more about my year of training for TransRockies HERE!

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  1. Hey Kris,

    I just stumbled upon your blog-I’m currently in the midst of trying to decide on a name for my running blog that isn’t already taken. Your site is gorgeous by the way!

    In terms of your next runs, some suggestions for you:

    The Victoria Marathon is beautiful course with lots of support! I have ran it 3 times and I swear running at sea level makes a huge difference in performance. It’s also over thanksgiving weekend so you get that extra day of rest. There’s also tons of support along the way-even more than Calgary (or at least it feels that way haha).

    Boston is also a must if you ever qualify. I am hoping to make it back there in 2018. Honestly, it is like running in a parade and you feel like a celebrity. Such an amazing race and city. Drop everything and go if you get the chance.

    Another one that I was looking into was Austin TX this February. It’s conveniently on Alberta’s Family Day weekend and apparently it’s a great course and city.

    Anyways, those are just some thoughts for me. Take care! I look forward to following your blog.



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